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parenting skills/tips?

what are some examples of good parenting skills?

also what are some good parenting tips?

i have a project to do for my child development class, and i have to give examples of these.

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    When a parent is able to stay calm under any circumstance and does not yell at their child or speak harshly to their child I think that shows a lot of skill in the parenting department. I am very proud of myself for being able to accomplish this I wish every parent could take this skill more seriously.

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    The advice I give you is not acceptable in today's society. It is though tried and true, and biblical. You definitely spank your kids. Not in anger, but in love. You must bring up your child in "the nurture and admonition of the Lord". My youngest daughter is married and on her own in the world, and soon will be 27. She called me awhile back and wanted to thank me for spanking her when she was young. She is dealing with lots of people everyday in her job and has seen the outcome of spoiled kids. My oldest daughter has made the same comment in the past. This says it all.....doesn't it?

    Source(s): Life's trials. Also, if you want to pass your class, I wouldn't submit any of this. But, when your time comes to raise kids, remember.
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    haha, in child dev. too. try doing a project on how to help a child with social issues, and talk about how at different ages they have different stages they go through. you can find info online or in your textbook if they gave you one.

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