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Wearing pants after stomach tattoo?

I am getting a tattoo right below my navel. It's about 5 inches long and will stop right above my...well you get the picture. I have 5 tattoos already. However, this is the first one that interferes with wearing clothes. I go in to talk to my tattoo artist Monday, but would like answers now so I can make an appropriate appointment time. It might be impossible to wear my pants lower than the tat or higher than the tat. I will NOT wear jeans. But...my question is...will it be ok to wear loose pants? (stretch pants/sweatpants) I can't get an appointment on a Friday because she will be gone for a month on tattoo conventions. Not sure if I can get it done on a Tuesday and have it be not just ok, but good, while I work in loose pants for the rest of the week. Any experiences/advice someone can share? Thanks!


basically, any pants I wear, the waistband will be resting on the tattoo.

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    Just wear sweatpants.

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    I wouldnt worry too much. You will most likely need touch ups in the areas where the skin folds. The act of sitting and standing will be a little uncomfortable, but as long as you do the proper aftercare, it wont be too bad as long as the waist band isnt tight

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