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YWWE Judgement Day pick winners and rate show and matches?

1. Rey Mysterio(c) v Christopher Daniels (Cruiserweight Championship Match)

2. Kane & JBL v John Cena & The Rock

3. Robert Roode, James Storm & Ted Dibiase, Jr. v Shelton Benjamin, MVP, & Charlie Haas

4. King Booker(c) v Mr. Kennedy (United States Championship Match)

5. SoCal Val v Sable v Rhaka Khan v Ashley v April Hunter v Brie Bella v Nikki Bella v Ivory v Jasmine St. Claire v Katie Lea Burchill (Battle Royal)

6. Shawn Michaels(c) v Chris Benoit (ECW Championship Match)

7. Kurt Angle(c) v AJ Styles ( Ultimate X WWE Championship Match)

8. Triple H (c) v Chris Jericho v Batista v "Macho Man" Randy Savage (Fatal Four Way World Heavyweight Championship match)

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    Rey Mysterio 8.5/10

    Cena rock 8/10

    Robert Roode, James Storm & Ted Dibiase 6.5/10

    Kennedy 8.5/10

    Ashley 7/10

    HBK 9/10

    Angle 9/10

    HHH 9.5/10

    total rating 8.5/10

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    1. Rey Mysterio pins Daniels after a 619

    2. The Rock pins Kane after The Rock Bottom

    3. Shelton Benjamin pins Ted DiBiase after The Paydirt

    4. King Booker pins Mr. Kennedy after the Bookend.

    5. Ashley wins

    6. Shawn Michaels pins Chris Benoit after Sweet Chin Music

    7. AJ Styles pins Kurt Angle after a Pele

    8. Chris Jericho pins Batista after a Code Breaker with a chair

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  • 1 decade ago

    1. Rey Mysterio DEF Christopher Daniels via pinfall.

    (619 followed by a Senton) [15:09] **** 3/4

    2. John Cena & The Rock DEF Kane & JBL via pinfall.

    (5 Knuckle Shuffle + Peoples Elbow onto JBL) [09:17] *** 1/4

    3. Roode, Storm & DiBiase DEF Benjamin, MVP & Haas via pinfall.

    (DWI onto Haas) [14:02] *** 3/4

    4. King Booker DEF Mr. Kennedy via pinfall.

    (Scissors Kick) [13:52] *** 3/4

    5. Katie Lea

    (tosses out April Hunter after she thought she won) [04:23] **

    6. Shawn Michaels DEF Chris Benoit via pinfall.

    (Sweet Chin Music) [25:34] *****

    7. A.J. Styles DEF Kurt Angle via pinfall.

    (Spiral Tap) [24:26] **** 3/4

    8. Randy Savage DEF Jericho, Batista & Triple H

    (Elbow Drop from the top rope onto Jericho) [20:49] ****

    8.75/10 Great show. The Battle Royal and Rock/Cena vs. JBL/Kane match could of passed, but great card and show.

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  • 1 decade ago


    cen and rocky

    1st team






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