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Games/activities that will teach a 6-year-old spelling effectively and in a fun way?

I tutor a 1st grader and she has some real trouble spelling. I make her write the words over and over again. Then I make her spell them out, repeat the spelling a couple of times, and write down the words. But nothing seems to help. She keeps making the same exact mistakes. Do you know any fun games or activities that I could play with her that will actually help her learn how to spell?

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    I play a game called Sparkle with my students. It may work with your 1st grader, but you would have to join in the game with her. Here is how you play:

    1. Read the word out loud

    2. Start spelling each letter (for example if the word is cat, she would say c, you a, etc.)

    3. After the last letter, the next person says sparkle.

    My students love this game, and it becomes a competition to know their spellings words.

    A second idea would be to set yourself up on Spelling City ( You can put the spelling list in there and it has games for the child to do on the computer that you can sit and help her with. Again, my students really like this. It provides games and tests for the kids to do.

    I hope this helps!

    Source(s): I'm an elementary school teacher.
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    try playing typewriter with all the boys. the game can be played with two people, but the more people the better! You go down the line spelling out the word and if a person messes up theyre out of the game. Two people can play the game by going back and forth letter by letter spelling out the word. And throw in a prize for whoever wins the game, it will encourage him to try harder and know the spelling of the words

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