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Which country will win in a war between Malaysia VS Indonesia?

let just say that theres a war going on between Malaysia and indonesia,which country do u think will win for sure?

im here not supporting any country, im just neutral. list down what u think of each country has the best list of mass destruction weapons on both country and also like number of forces and army available for going to war. Plus in addition, country with record of being able to defeat its enemy even during can be early as from 14th century n current.

forces,weapons and records of previous victorious wars can determine the winner, which 1 do u think will win?

sorry for asking such a lame or offensive question to others who assume it is. This is just a psychological test/survey im pointing out. nothing more, nothing less.

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    indonesia hands down

    both being obviously close to the sea have good navies and both fly american and soviet design planes

    however the population of indonesia is 10 times that of malaysia and it has more men fit for service then there are people in malaysia

    indonesia simply has overwhelming numbers and malysia has no technology advantage

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    Indonesia "form of" went to conflict with Malaysia interior the final century. especially a sort of guerilla jungle conflict in Borneo. at that factor British and ANZAC troops have been deployed to help Malaysia to quash the Indo-troops. They did make a pair of 0.5-hearted tries to verify coastline-heads in Johor, yet those have been fairly straight away repelled. i'm valuable undemanding experience will prevail in those cutting-edge and incredibly minor squabbles, and that neither united states has a actual want for actual conflict. without an intervention from the united kingdom or Australasia on the area of Malaysia, then by sheer tension of numbers Indonesia could win any conflict. however the end results of certainly one of those conflict could be economically disasterous for the two international places, and the fishing rights dispute is so inconsequential interior the bigger image, that it will actually be resolved by some style of compromise, albeit this could contain a sprint sabre damn alongside the way.

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