Whats the cheapest meal you make?

I'm looking for some cheap meal ideas! thanks!

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    Check out the *loads* of ideas for eating cheaply, as well as links to more cheap foods/meals, in my long answer to a similar recent question here at YA:


    Good luck!

    Diane B.

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    This is a realy easy one.

    All you need is, chicken breasts- cut into peices

    Fav veges. I use onions, capcicum, and carrot


    BBQ sauce- or any other sauce is fine

    And some left over bread

    1. Fry chicken peices up

    2. Add onions until there soft

    3. Add carrots

    4. then add capcicum, mayonaise

    5. cut bread into small bite size peices, and cover with BBQ sauce in a bowl

    6. Add bread, and some more sauce if needed.

    7. Turn heat off when the bread starts crunching up.

    8. Serve with veges on the side

    You can add more veges, if you want to, but the reason i choose this recipe was that all the ingredients happen to be in my fridge.

    Note: Id stick to BBQ sauce because it gives it a BBQ flavour

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    Quesadillas = tortillas and cheese. Brown the "sandwich" in the pan with some olive oil. If you have it, add hot sauce or jalapenos, salsa, sour cream, lettuce, onion, black olives, or even a roast chicken from the supermarket. You can use the other chicken for anything, add to a box/can of soup, pasta...anything.

    Source(s): happy cooking.
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    casseroles that make a big quantity go a long way..soups with veggies and beans are cheap...hamburger on sale is cheap and can make alot of meals in a wide variety...tuna and chicken also are low priced and cannot be added to things that are inexpensive and usually make a few meals....

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    Ra men Noodles...usually can buy 6 packs for one dollar. That's 6 meals for a dollar. Taste really Good and quick to make. Put the noodles in bowling water. When done, add flavor pack. Can eat as noodles or leave water in as a soup.

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    cheap meal ideas!

    see link below ...

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  • Mike
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    when your in the refuge camp a bowl of rice is a gourmet meal

    you have a refrigerator expand form there

  • Anonymous
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    Bean soup.

    Rice topped with fried eggs and tomato sauce.

    Lettuce fritters.

    "japanese style noodles": Stir fried cabbage and carrots with spaghetti noodles in a soy and brown sugar sauce.

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    Dishes with mince/ground beef go a long way and you can bulk out with

    Vegetables.Eg. CHILI, cottage pie, Bolognaise

    Egg dishes. omelet, quiche.

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