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Who says by John Mayer?

why is everyone making such a huge deal out of this song? just because it ask..."Who says i cant get stoned..."

tons of artist sing about the Mary Jane but because its John Mayer this time its a controversy?

i find this ridiculous and it shows what society is really like.

whats your opinion?

my opinion is that i think its a great idea for him to ask the question i am a supporter of Marijuana and i think more people need to learn about it.

but that's MY opinion

please share yours with me


just to correct you. Marijuana is not an addictive drug.

this is why we need proper teaching about the drug.

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    well by reading that line, 'Who says i cant get stoned..." i would think that it is ones choice to get stoned or not, if you get caught going it then it your fault, but like i said it is your choice to do it, and all i know from marijuana is what the school system was teaching, that it is an illegal drug that gets you high, and you eventually get addicted to it, like any other drug. but my opinion about it is that if you want to do it then you can, I'm not stopping you. and you only live once right?

    Edit: well that's what i was taught, silly school system... then again i didn't really care much for it, drugs that is... like i would only take it if had to take it, that's it, but really anything that would alter your mind in a way of making you feel how ever people feel when they take that or any other drug, can become addicted to it, if their minds are (don't want to sound mean or anything) weak (of course ones mind would have to very damaged emotionally and/or mentally), and i agree with you that it should be taught more thoroughly to every one in the school system.

    (now if what i say offends one or any other person then i am sorry, that it did.)

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    because its illegal because john mayer has young fans and theyll be like oo marijuana is cool smoke smoke smoke oh **** the cops yeah JAIL!

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  • Jay
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    John is just trying to fit in with his musical idols.

    It will never happen.

    He is just trying WAY too hard.

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