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Im fairly shy.. How can i make lots of new friends, Boys and girls?

Im 14 and am really confident and outgoing around my close friends but when new people talk to me and stuff i am fairly shy and i never know what to say to them. I really want to make more friends, boys especially because all my friends have friends that are boys and i dont. Any Help? Thanks(:

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    I'm just like you, I'm confident and fun around close friends but I'm shy around new people. I've found that just smile at the person you want to be friends with to make her feel more comfortable. Than when you're ready, go up to the person and introduce your self: "Hi, my name's ..., what's your name?" Ask her some questions to break the ice. If you want to become friends with a boy, observe him before going up to him, what does he like to do and what does he talk about a lot? Say something that would interest him.

  • Oh, this is one of the toughest things in the world to get used to doing, be yourself.

    Try to be as outgoing as you are with your friends, and the people that like your style will come, those that don't you probably don't want to have anyway. This will turn out better than you think it will, especially since you already have friends that you can be with if things don't work out, however, they probably will work out. Do what you think would turn out well among your friends. If you think something is funny, make a joke about it, if you think it might be inappropriate, don't. If you think something might not be working, then try to adapt around it. I've still made friends out of people that originally thought i was annoying. As for boy's it won't be hard, it might even be easier. Again, just trust your instincts.

    It's that simple, yet, unfortunately, it never seams that way.

    Trust yourself to say all the right things.;D


    Source(s): my experience as a high-school junior
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    Really, believe me when I say that many boys are not going to become friends because they too don't know how to make friends or be friends.

    However, anytime you want to make a new friend, you need to start out by being friendly. That is, say hello, ask some questions about the other person, and volunteer some information about yourself.

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    i know exactly what you feel like! i can only talk to people i know. i never go up to new people. people come up to me and talk but i am never able to do that


    try to smile and sit next to boys, ask them for help, etc ( i don't know, whatever is easiest)

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    I was and Still I'm that way

    But I'm getting better by just making myself talk.

    Sorry I don't think I helped mush

    I try-ed


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    it's not that hard. you just have to be natural, and maybe stay with a more sociable friend which can break the ice. good luck

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    Do drugs you will meet so many people and if your high they high just do it

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