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Was it Swisher's fault or Burnett's?

I say that no matter how anyone is hitting, it's good pitching that wins ballgames.


JOE: "move him to a different job (like selling tickets)" LOL

I heard the Marlins also canned him because he couldn't get along with management.

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    It was Girardi's fault. Burnett did what he's done all-year and Swisher hasn't exactly been spectacular, especially in the post-season. It's up to the manager to know what to expect from his players and manage accordingly. Anyone who's been watching Burnett pitch on the road all year would know that if you've got a 2-run lead with a rested bull pen and a day off the next day, he's done. He had a terrible first inning and pitched pretty well the next 5. Burnett is prone to big innings on the road and they become disasters fast.

    Once you've got the lead in the late innings, bring in Joba for the two righties, Coke for the two lefties, Hughes in the 8th, Robertson if any of them have trouble, and Mariano to close out the game in the 9th. There's no way the Angels would have scored 2 against them in 3 innings, much less 3. You start with 2 guys on base and then bring in your inconsistent lefty-specialist when you've got Coke sitting there in the pen, and what do you expect to happen?

    EDIT: That's Girardi's side of the story. The Marlin's side is that he couldn't get along with management because all their pitchers got hurt due to mismanagement.

    Source(s): Bobby Valentine is back in the states. I say trade Girardi, move him to a different job (like selling tickets), or buy out his contract and hire Bobby V instead. I still think the Yankees will win this year, and I still think they should fire Girardi, even if they do. He's been pulling this crap all year and last year too and it's cost us in the post-season. We had a real chance to sweep a great team and he's managed it into a close series. The Marlins fired him after he won manager of the year because of how he handled their pitchers. The Yankees should have learned from that.
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    You have to credit Burnett for settling down after that terrible 1st inning and giving the Yanks a chance to win. I would not have sent him out to start the 7th - apparently Girardi has little faith in Joba these days.

    Swisher is completely lost right now - dude made 2 outs in the 7th inning and got completely under a 3-2 meatball in the 9th with the bases loaded. It's really a shame because Nick came up big in a lot of important spots this year, but now he's just a black hole in that lineup.

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    Swisher has to do SOMETHING. burnett kept the offensive - minded yankees close enough to have a chance to comeback; it was within reach; doable. (4-0, then 6-4). after that, when the angels came back to retake the lead, that wasn't Burnett's fault.

    bases loaded, you gotta do something, especially when you don't have a RBI for the whole series... 5 games; (not just any team, but a Yankees team that does very well putting RISP).

    i mean, even if Swisher had belted it deep, but just shy of the warning track, at least it shows that his swing is straight. he almost stuck out swinging had he not barely tipped the previous pitch.

    you can only use the "slump" excuse for so long. Sure, i agree that Girardi isn't a good manager, especially w/ the talent he has. and it's ultimately his fault. but if you're Swisher, you can't 2nd guess your skipper. now you're there. you're at the plate. hit the ball and validate your millions. you're on the most storied franchise, deep in October, and you can't get a hit to save your life. ridiculous. maybe grow your hair back out, Nick.

    add - good point, TA. Angel's coach made me scratch my head too. he's lucky that he pulled it out, otherwise, that would've been one hell of a last news conference to explain how the season ended. good point.

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    Both coaches made horible calls last night that should & utimatley did cost one team the game. Scosia was an idiot for taking Lackey out when he did & Girardi was an idiot for leaving in Burnett. I could understand both ideas for there decisions. Switching around a switch hitter especially one who hits better from the side you are switching him to made no sense at all. Girardi idea of leaving AJ in wasnt to bad, but it should have been a batter to batter leash, once AJ gave up that hit to Mathis he should have been pulled right then & there. Oh well, at least if the Yankees win saturday it will be in front of the home fans!

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    This loss was Girardi's fault. He should have never sent Burnett back out there after they got the lead. He should haved given Joba the 7th inning, Hughes and/or Coke the 8th and then Mo.

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    It was neither Burnett NOR Swishers. Girardi is a bad coach who makes stupid decisions. He should have never brought Marte in, went straight to Hughes.

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    This might very well be Joe Girardi's doing. It depends on whether Burnett wanted to go back out there or not.

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    I question using Joba and Marte in that spot.... Hughes was equally putrid.

    Did you ever notice that Scioscia is equally as brutal as Girardi and NO ONE says a word about that?

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    It was Girardi's fault, the guy does not know how manage the bullpen

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    Girardi's fault

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