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whats the swot analysis for southwest airlines?

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    Best low fare carried

    Tripe Crown for annual performance

    Quickly seizes strategic opportunity when they arise

    Team Sprit employees 1st

    Made 20% of flights to one stop

    Even though union shop, open and negligable work hours

    Web marketing, 50% revenue from online booking

    First airline on the web

    Lowest cost per availble seat out of all airlilnes


    Conservative Growth Tactics

    Cuts cost in customer service areas

    Not subscribed to centralized reservation servicee

    Other companies now using the same management strategies

    Only provides service in 58 cities


    Expansion to other cities

    Make more one stop flights to other cities

    Make more online presence to increase sales

    Advertise Lowest cost strategy

    Apply saved customer service expensives to website advertisment and online booking strategies

    Buy out smaller airline companies



    Global tensions past 9/11

    New tax system

    New Security measures

    Aviation insurnace

    Terrorist attacks

    Severe general decrease in customer air travel.

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    boom missed a threat to Southwest. Southwest outsources MOST of their maintenance to anti-union chop shops. This has caused all other airlines to do the same in a race to the bottom. Now the mechanics at Southwest are the high cost mechanics and will be targeted for pay cuts. Southwest has driven everyone down to the lowest possible common denominator. Now Southwest is the high cost airline. What now...X?

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    1 decade ago

    Nice job, boom...

    An additional threat is if airlines are rolled into Cap and Trade (Crap and Tax) legislation... will add significantly to cost of operations, and raise ticket prices markedly

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    i just studied swot analysis in engineering companies! :P

    oh, the above ans is perfect!

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