Is this true? Jack Straws daddy was sent to prison for refusing to defend his country against Hitler in WW2?

And now he is defending his country against the BNP?...Wow.

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    I worked with a guy who was a conscientious objector.

    And he was taken to court for his beliefs.

    When the judge asked him what he would do if a German attacked his mother, he replied, I'd put ten to one on the old woman.However he didn't want to go to prison, so he came to an arrangement with the judge that he would go to battle as a medic, but It must be respected that he wouldn't carry arms.He parachuted into Arnhem with just his bible and his medical kit.I think your question has a subjective attitude as its foundation

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    The crux of the argument was over the spitfire poster the BNP use to advertise their party, Straw and others claiming that the BNP had hijacked the image of 'the few' from WW2 for propaganda purposes.

    Griffin pointed out his father had been a spitfire pilot in WW2 (quite true) while Straw's father had been imprisoned as a conscientious objector in WW2 (also quite true).

    Griffin was making the point that Straw has no right to invoke exclusivity for martial images of British forces in WW2 when his father refused to fight, while Griffin himself justifies the use of the image on the grounds his father actually flew a spitfire in WW2.

    Comically, the spitfire in the BNP poster was from a Polish squadron, flown by a Polish pilot; Poles are, presumably, amongst the immigrant groups Griffin wants to prevent from coming to Britain in future.

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    It is unlikely that his father was imprisoned for refusing to join the Military in WWII. In world war I this was an arrrestable offence, but in World War II most people who refused to join the army were instead forced to join an essential industry such as weapons of food manufacturing. those who refused to do this were forced to work down the coal mines. Prison was a very rare punishment for refusal to adhere to conscription in World War II.

    And even if his father was sent to prison, it has no effect absolutely on how good a justice secretary Jack Straw is. Politics changes every day, so we shouldn't be basing the capeabilities of people on what their fathers were doing in World War II. no-one apart from Nick Griffin and the BNP truly believes that your charachter is determined by your heritage (Oh I forgot the Nazis, they also believed heritage was a determination of charachter)

    Don't listen to nick griffin. he's a fat tw*t who doesn't know anything about the real world. he only lives in his retarded little imaginary world where all Muslims are evil and everyone in britian is white. may he sufffer the same fate as hitler.

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    Wtf?! What, now prison inmates are on the same level as soldiers? What, you think that the job of defending ones country is so LOW that an inmate should do it? Of course I take it that you do not realize the PRIDE, HONOR, and RESPECT that is involved when wearing the uniform. Defending ones country is not a job for the lowest of our society but one filled by some of the highest. It takes great courage and personal sacrifice to give up your time, effort, and sometimes life for your country. Why would you defile or degrade that sacrifice? Personally, I don't even understand where this question is coming from or what you were trying to ask (or prove), but as a soldier I am insulted.

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  • Laredo
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    Jack Straw's his great-grandfather was a German Jewish immigrant. His father an insurance salesman left the family and condemned them to poverty. Well that is what is says on Wiki, it does not say anything about his father being an objector to the war.

    The sins of the father do not always fall on the son, his father could not press his views on his son as he was not there.

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    Even Conscientious Objectors (guys who found the thought of killing fellow human being abhorrent) played an important part in the last War - they did the jobs which had been left vacant by men who were were in the Army. Many men were in protected jobs so were not allowed to enlist - we had 3 billeted with us who worked in the aircraft factory at Filton in Bristol.

    Who, apart from the Land Girls and Prisoners of War worked in filthy conditions in the fields so that we could eat, up to a point?

    And remember that not every guy in the Army was fighting - my father-in-law was the Regimental barber.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Jack Straw and his family have done damn all for UK.

    This is the same Jack Straw, who a few years ago claimed direct descent from Wat Tyler - what a joke.

    Straw, then so desperate to be accepted as 'English' which he ain't and so fearful that the truth will out.

    Straw is just another coward who does nothing for our nation.

    It's people like him who are making the ordinary people vote for the BNP and he seems to think it's all some kind of joke.

    We should shove Brown and Straw and the whole gang of them right out into the cold as soon as we are able - which is gonna be May 2010.

    Whoever we vote for, good luck to us.

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    Even if true, what is the relevance?

    My father has been in prison many times. I fail to see how that reflects on my personal conduct.

    If it comes to that, Nick Griffin's great grandfather, a Gypsy, was in and out of prison for most of his life, and not for a conscientious stance either!

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    Straws father could well have been a conscientious objector but that's not the son. My old man was illiterate an alcoholic and left my mother. I have a degree, don't drink and have been happily married for years. So what?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Cowards!!! Straw rips this country to pieces with his communist buddies and then when the **** hits, he runs like a big girls blouse. I hate Straw and all Labour party members and supporters.

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