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washington state abortion laws?

i dont want one, im just wondering when the deadline is in washington for abortions. im 17 1/2 weeks and im keeping mine, im just curious

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    The most general provisions on Washington state abortion laws affirm Roe v Wade. It places a borderline at "viability" (which is usually considered between 22-24 weeks) as a point when medical necessity becomes a requirement for obtaining an abortion (if it presents a risk to the health/life of the mother, abortions may be performed after viability).

    You can see this law at http://www.fwhc.org/abortion/120.htm

    In addition, Washington does not have parental consent laws and does provide Medicaid coverage for low-income women who choose abortion. Let's hear it for laws that make reproductive choice more than just a slogan!

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    Washington State Abortion Laws

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    then why do you want to know? google it

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