How long was John Peter Zenger's trial?

when he was convicted of sedition and libel, how long did his trial last? need answers quick! please&&thankyou<3

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    John Peter Zenger was not convicted. The jury applied the principle of nullification and acquitted him, thus establishing that truth was a defense to a charge of libel. For information about the Trial of John Peter Zenger and other famous trials throughout history, see the following website:

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    Zenger became editor & writer of the recent-York Weekly magazine. He became accused of seditious libel for some comments on the royal Governor. He became defended by skill of Andrew Hamilton of Philadelphia. The jury fostered freedom of the clicking by skill of their acquittal. although, in terms of the present day regulation, Zenger became unquetionably in charge, and the jury's verdict became an occasion of jurry nullification (vote casting to acquit as as gesture of disapproval of the regulation). jointly as attorneys, historians, and jopurnalists all compliment the acquittal, just about all are additionally somewhat silent on jury nullification, as they do no longer choose present day juries to p.c.. up on the belief, and extra desirable than did the Royal Governor of Zenger's day. there have been 3 important episodes of attempting to cut back press freedom for the reason that Zenger--the Alien & Sedition Acts under John Adams, the Palmer raids pink scare positioned up international war I, and a few supplies in the PATRIOT Act.

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