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Could this have been a sign, maybe of something good?

Earlier today I was on facebook and did this thing where you grab a balloon and name it in memory of someone. I did mine in memory of our baby girl Stefanie. Well the balloon that I grabbed was purple.

I was at the grocery store tonight browsing through the cookie aisle lol. And out of the corner of my eye I saw something floating across the floor, I look down and there was a purple balloon sitting right next to me. I just stood there with my mouth wide open. I was like wow is this a coincidence, or what. I mean I realize it was something silly on the internet that I did but what are the odds of a purple balloon floating up to me in a store. If it was a coincidence then it would have been yellow or any other color, but purple. I just can't stop thinking about it. And I think that is why I can't stop thinking about it, because someone wanted me to think about her, and instead of cry, this time smile. (Okay now I'm crying lol). Just wanted to share my story.

What do you guys think? Was it a sign? Coincidence? What? Thanks <3

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    I am crying now reading this.

    I think it was sign from your little girl telling you that she is ok and that she knows mummy loves her i know this as i had a sign from my 1st little Angel (Charlie) a while ago now, i was looking for a special teddy for her and went to get it from the shop and they had none left and i got upset about next thing i know this teddy arrives in the post with royal mail stamps on and everything and still to this day no one i know says they sent it x x x

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    Oh goodness, now I'm crying too!

    I think it was a special sign from the Lord. He wants you to know that your little girl is safe in His arms. He's watching over her and taking care of her for you, just the way you would if she was here with you.

    What helps me whenever I'm having a "sad" moment, is to think of how happy my daughter is in Heaven. She will never have to experience heartache, or pain. I believe Stephanie and Belle (my little girl) are aware of our lives and what we're doing. I think we should live each day to make them proud and look forward to the day when we can hold them in our arms again. :)

  • Definately a sign!! And what an amazing one at that. I truely believe that she wanted you to know that she go the balloon you "sent" her on FB and that she loves you very much :)

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    4 years ago

    your sun sign sounds like a water sign. pisces will be my best bet. scorpio will be my second bet. your moon sign might be an earth sign. taurus sounds like it. capricorn falls a close second. then again, maybe i goofed up and your sun sign is the earth sign and your moon is the water sign. i am a pisce with a taurus moon and scorpio rising and you sound a lot like me.

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    I don't doubt its a sign for one second. Its just a little reminder from Stephanie saying shes all ways around you in spirit.

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    I think Stefanie was saying "Hi, Mom!". No coincidence! Very cool!

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    Definitley. i believe in that kind of thing, and it is indeed her way of telling you shes looking down on you and smiling, just like you are, so that you can feel happiness.

  • It was a gift for mama from her angel baby. Don't ever doubt that. That was her saying i'm alright, safe and happy.

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    I think it was a sign.. That is just so amazing.... How special!

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