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I have a fear of sea creatures!?

I have a little problem with getting in the shower/bat tube,scuba diving,deep sea,and just swimming! because I am afraid of sharks,some fish,murky water,and don't mistaking me sea monster+kraken+hydra+sila name the sea monster I'll be afraid of it; because every time I think off a sea monster I can't go in water can somebody help me with my fear?

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    Bathe with fish daily. Eat sushi. Tell yourself monsters are not real.

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    I use to be afraid of getting in the bathtub OR shower b/c I was afraid that snakes were gonna come up the hole or out of the shower head. The whole time I was in the tub I would keep my foot on the plug! I grew out of this with alot of time and effort and heres how. I had to make myself consciously aware every time I got in there and got to worrying about it that it was impossible for these things to be real. I made myself think of how unrealistic these thoughts were. Just keep thinking this is an absurd, unrealistic fear and this could never possibly happen while you focus on how good the water feels. Remember every body takes a bath everyday and nothing ever ,ever happens. Do this everytime you shower. Keep conscious of the whole environment and eventually you will find that it starts to go away after a while and you will start to take a bath like normal and these thoughts will slowly fade away. Once you begin to trust yourself that if you let yourself relax then you will still be okay you will be able to stop the worry. This exercise is really all about learning to trust yourself. If you train yourself long enough to learn that this stuff is unreal then you learn to let go of the tension a little more each time with no negative effects then you will be able to relax.

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    Sounds like you have a great imagination! Give it a dose of reality to calm your fears - visit your local aquarium.

    At the aquarium, you'll see how underwater creatures truly behave. They're basically passive creatures and a lot of them spend hours looking like they're sleeping.

    You could also try snorkeling on vacation. With snorkeling you're on top of the water and can see everything that's below you. Stay close to the boat at first so if you feel icky about it, you can hop right back on. Chances are; you'll be so stoked about the cool and colorful stuff that your fears will be replaced by an appreciation for the underwater world.

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    Look up facts about fish and aquatic life and slowly try to have fishies become a part of your life. I too feel scared of sharks and junk like that while swimming, but maybe statistics about sharks, especially those in your area, might help you see the reality of the situation.

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    it might be from a past life experience....... or it could be intuition.... stay out of the water! for now until it passes

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    Read some Aqua man comic books. :)

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    ok well you either have a mild case of hydrophobia, Ablutophobia

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