What's better a charger or a challenger? or STS / STS-V ? or Rousch / GT ?

I love imports, and have a 350z now, but greatly respect american muscle, and am looking to get a challenger or a charger. I am wondering what the differences are, and in your opinion which one is better, but explain the reasons why.

I don't like the new camaro at all, to me it just seems like domestic rice (a domestic car modified to look like a tuner car). I love good american muscle just like I love import muscle (R34's and supra's can be 1400hp beasts too), but honestly I think the new camaro looks like a wannabe import tuner. Seriously american muscle is better than import tuner, so they shouldn't stray, it should be like the challenger where it's just american style all the way. I think if they did a sharp modified design of the muscle camaro's it would have looked better than the challengers.

Back to the question, what are the differences between the charger and the challenger that set either of them apart?

Also, secondary, I drove the 300C and Charger, and thought they were pretty good, but I had a cadillac sts in the past, and that car was amazing. The 2nd part of this question if you know about it, with the charger and challenger on one side, and an sts-v or sts cadillac on the other side, which side would be the best choice?

I'm looking for the car to be a daily driver, but most likely well beefed up. Ideally, I'm thinking at least an R/T for the charger and challenger, and at minimum an STS for the cadillac.

Extra bonus points and probably the best answer if you can also argue modified ford mustangs, and tell me about their best features, and reasons to make me want a mach1 or rousch or GT or shelby more than the charger, challenger, STS. I reaaaally don't like ford, but see a lot of people with GT's and stuff, so am partially interested. It's gonna have to be good to make me choose them for a daily driver.

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    The Charger is better than the Challenger, but the recently departed Magnum SRT-8 is better than both. The Challenger isn't that much lighter than the Charger, and the usefulness of the extra doors comes in handy very often, even if you're by yourself!

    The Roush Mustang is better than the GT because it has an independent rear suspension. non-Roush Mustangs still have a live axle (even the Shelby GT500!), so when you hit the gas the front lifts up three inches! Even a base-model Challenger V6 has IRS!

    The STS-V is cool, but the CTS-V is better if you're going for th American muscle thing, big old pushrod V8 (The STS-V is a supercharged Northstar)

  • hello, first off the 300c and the rest are all the same Chaise except the Challenger being 4 inches shorter wheel base (116") and, all the interiors all look generic but the g-force gauge. So in short I would take the Challenger my self.

    As for the Ford I comp tested both the Fords at our Chrysler test track where Chrysler calmed it would blow the doors off the Ford but the Hervey Chrysler in all it's Glori and beef could not keep up the the light wight GT Stang yes a simple GT up against the SRT- (heavy Weight) 8 Mercedesbenz Chassis.

    Now lets talk Caddy. OMG a caddy with a Corvette eng. What is not to like. This car is the WOW factor and a top 10 pick...

    Source(s): Worked for Chrysler before they tanked (help me the ship sank and all thats left are rafts and a small FIAT tug boat)
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    Depends what you like. I'd say the Challenger is better. It's a lighter car and handles better. I don't really know much about them in terms of power. I'd almost think the Challenger is better. 6.0 in the Chall, vs. a 5.7 in the Charger. Charger is bigger. I've always liked big cars. I don't know why you think the Camaro looks like domestic rice. It's supposed to look retro. Like the 60's ones. I think it's just too big of a body on it. They should make it look more like the 70's ones. Or have it resemble the 60's ones almost exactly.

    Fords are not bad. I don't really have a preference on American cars myself. I've always wanted a Cadillac. Kind of like how all the rich business executives like their Mercedes and BMWs. I like my Caddys. I'd go for an STS. As for Fords, I think if I could get any type of Mustang, I'd go with the Shelby. I like the new ones even more than the old ones. I wish they would make a new version of the Shelby Cobra.

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    Don't you mean CTS, the 4 door sedan? If you like 4 door luxury, then go for it: it has a great engine. I love the sound of Ford V8's revving up, and I love the multi-colored interior lighting. However the Challenger is a little more exclusive than the Mustang, and I like the sporty 2 door style better than a 4 door car like a CTS or Charger. Also, the 5.7 Hemi has cylinder deactivation, but it's also available with a more economical v6 or a 425 hp 6.1 V8. They're all great cars, it's just a matter of what you like.

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    why are you leaving out the corvette? if you have the money for a STS or STS-V.. then you have more than enough money to buy a used c6 z06 corvette.. and without a doubt it will spank every vehicle you've listed whether it be on the track on drag strip.. and plus the corvette is the iconic muscle car now.. and not only that the LS7 motor in the Z06 is more than capable of making 700hp naturally aspirated

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