In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of the sky, what is the wonder mail code for recruiting Piplup & Vulpix?

I have Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers Of The Sky and before I beat the game, I want Piplup (King) and Vulpix (Queen) to be my partners to beat Primal Dialga if possible. Because I can't get them before, is ther a wonder mail code so I can recruit them from missions?

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    Client: Piplup

    Objective: Search for Chingling

    Place: Treeshroud Forest

    Restrictions: None

    Difficulty: 1*

    Reward: Piplup joins you

    Wonder Mail S:



    Client: Vulpix

    Objective: Rescue Numel

    Place: Crystal cave 10F

    Restrictions: None

    Difficulty: 1*

    Reward: Vulpix joins you

    Wonder Mail S:



    hope that helps~! And yes, they work, I Tested them myself. ^.^

    P.S. The 'O' you see in the codes are actually zeros.

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