I have a question for people with Type *1* Diabetes...?

Does it make you mad when people sprout off all that nonsense about diabetes being cause by obesity and sugar and too much fast food? I mean, come on! I was UNDERWEIGHT when I was diagnosed! And as for it being cause by eating too much sugar and junk food, I have a friend who was diagnosed at 24 months old! What, does everyone think her mom fed her sugar water and chocolate milk from the bottle or something!

And they don't ever differentiate between type 1 and type 2!

It's all diabetes is caused by this diabetes is caused by that. If you're going to talk about diabetes being LINKED to obesity and junk food, at least try to be a little more correct in that statement by specifying TYPE *2*.

Does anybody agree with me?

I'm sorry. But this has just been bugging me lately, and I had to let it out somehow...

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    I understand because people at school are always asking me if I caused my own diabetes because I love eating chocolate and ice-cream and was known to eat a lot of those things pre-diagnosis. However, just like you I was underweight when I was diagnosed, weighing only 90 pounds. That was 2 months ago, now I weight about 110 lbs so weight has never been an issue.

    Also, a lot of people just assume that because I have diabetes that I have type 2 and all I have to do is watch my diet and excercise. I can kind of understand that though because only 10% of people with diabetes have type 1.

    People need to be educated about both types and realize that people with type 1 have it harder because they did nothing to cause it and it is harder to control and involves a lot more work!

    sorry...I needed to let my frustrations out too...haha

    thanks for asking this question.

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    Hey, Baby! It makes me furious to be told that my type *2* diabetes was caused by sugar, being fat or obese, being a sofa spud, eating fast food, etc!

    I was way underweight when diagnosed! I have never in my life been more than 15 pounds over ideal weight! I never eat fast food or junk food. I am a nutritionist and know better than to eat a lot of junk. I am also a very active involved person.

    It isn't only the type 1 people who hate being lumped in a clump unfairly.

    There is not even a bit of truth in any of those accusations for anyone! Food, sugar, chocolate milk, etc did not cause any type of diabetes.

    I wish the American Diabetes Association would remove that sort of paragraph from their official website and quit spouting it as truth.

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    I completely agree with you. As does saying that diabetes is caused by consuming too much sugar - I can't believe that people still believe that old wives tale.

    A lot does need to be done about differentiating between type one and type two in the media. I've gotten "advice" from well meaning people who knew people with type two diabetes that would actually hurt me if I had acted upon said advice. This kind of misinformation extends to primary care physicians too! Following advice that is meant for someone with type two diabetes, as someone with type one diabetes can be harmful. It's not just a matter of people thinking that we came by this by mismanaging food - it's a matter of safety.

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    I agree with you! I don't have diabetes, but my mom does (type 1 for 32 years). I get so aggravated when people assume she's in poor health or tell her she can manage it with diet and exercise. I once had an instructor talking about diabetes using the term Juvenile Diabetes interchangeably with type 2 diabetes in children. I wanted to smack the ignorance right out of him! He's an educator. If an educator doesn't know the difference, how are others supposed to know?

    In short, yeah, it makes me mad. LOL

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    1 decade ago

    When I was first diagnosed (9 years ago) a couple of kids at my school started avoiding me because they thought it was contagious. I was extremely hurt. Before I had diabetes I was the prefect weight. Weight has NOTHING to do with Type I and yes in some cases type II (heredity) After I got it though I had to follow the food plan I was given and I had to eat more then I use to, and so I gained some weight, so people started to ask me if that was why I became diabetic. People are so presumptuous and don't think to ask the right questions. They don't think before they speak. It makes me angry to think how ignorant people are. Thanks for asking this, I wanted to get that off my chest and I totally agree with you! I still meet people who ask me stupid questions like that. UGH!

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    Absolutely. I was diagnosed with type 1 in June (I'm 18), and when people find out, they seem to be surprised because I'm not obese or what they consider a "typical" diabetic. Type 1 diabetics I'm fairly sure tend to be leaner too... it actually causes people to lose wait before being diagnosed. Anyway, yes, it pisses me off.

  • 1 decade ago

    I have gone through this for over eight years now with my son. He was seven when he was diagnosed (type 1) and he has had people ask him the most asinine questions: Why don't you just diet and exercise to cure your diabetes, did you used to be fat, what did your mom feed you to make you diabetic (my personal fave! Stupid a$$ h*&%#$!). just to name a few. Makes my blood boil sometimes, but as someone pointed out when I posted this very same topic a while ago, it gives us a chance to educate people about diabetes, something that is very lacking in everyday society.

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