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Southern Arizona Weather?

I am going to be going to AIT in Fort Huachuca, Arizona and I am wondering what is the weather generally like from Feb through June?

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    February: 16 C (61 F) during the day, 2 C (36 F) at night

    March: 19 C (66 F) during the day, 4 C (40 F) at night

    April: 23 C (73 F) during the day, 8 C (46 F) at night

    May: 27 C (81 F) during the day, 12 C (54 F) at night

    June: 32 C (90 F) during the day, 18 C (64 F) at night

    So yeah, you'll probably really feel the warmth (70 + F) sometime in late March to early April. It really gets hot starting in late May or early June. And yeah...Arizona...generally a dry state... lots of sunshine. :)

    So long sleeve, sweater or even a light jacket in Feb/ March. T-shirt weather late April to June.

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    It's at a fairly high elevation so it never gets as hot as Yuma or Phoenix. It's pretty pleasant in the winter although nights can get chilly. You'll be going during the time when it's considered spring there and get to miss the monsoon season, which typically runs from July to September and is marked by higher humidity and thunderstorms.

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    February through april will probably be in the high 80s, low 90s. May and June are freakin hot

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    It starts out warm in Feb, and then it gets hot in June

    Bonus: lots of sunshine!!!!

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