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If I have no money can I move to another state by a beach?

I don't care about having the latest anything I can live with the clothes I have and some kind of food, shelter, water and the beach! The beach inspires me and motivates me. I've been there once and I had to go back home to Ohio. Nothing here inspires me! I just want to get a train ticket and just move to another state that has a beach where I can spend my days there and learn to surf and just enjoy the scenery. I don't care about anything else! I don't need anyone by my side, I don't need my family. Is there like programs in states that allow people to move there and give them money until they get on their feet?! I'm 18 and I still live with my parents....I'm considering doing this or staying in a place I dread and go to a community college. Sorry, I don't care about danger, all I care about is living the only life I have in a place I dream about everyday. Living in fear of being homeless or being murdered is pointless! I just wanna live my life the way I want to. I have a job so I would have to quit, has anyone done this before with any success? Thanks guys!

Do you think I should put a ad in on craigslist? I don't ******* care anymore I just want to get away, this is my life and I don't care if my family is going to try and stop me. There has to be a way to move without any money! I'll be homeless for a year if that's what it takes, is there homeless shelters I believe!

Please don't talk me out of this, I just need advice. Should I save for a car first maybe?


I can be a beach bum or I can be homeless for a couple days while searching for a job....I just need advice!

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    Go to You can find some people in the state likely to let you crash for 2-3 days each. You can also come down to a state and stay in a campground for about $20 a night.

    But you have to have some money to move. You can't transport yourself without money. You can't get food. You could stay in a homeless shelter and eat at soup kitchens in major cities but most beach towns are not major cities except out in California where you could never afford to live.

    Limiting by a beach is not a limiting factor. Most states have that. I live in NC and we have great beaches. You could also go to Myrtle Beach, SC, Virginia Beach, VA, or historic towns like Savannah, GA. But you can't get an apartment without paying first month and security deposit. Since you have no credit, many places would require 3 months up front. Even on Craig's List, few roommates would take a bum without a job and without any idea if you can get a job.

    If that's what you want to do, save up $3000 and then move. I recommend getting a job at a retail establishment and then transferring. Two jobs would be even better. You could work at a bar at night (there are always bars hiring) and have the possibility of moving up to manager before transferring. Get hired as a barback and then take bartending classes. Then as a bartender you can go anywhere.

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    Do you really believe that in this economy that an 18 year old can find a job in a couple days. I live 2 miles from the beach in Orange County, near Huntington Beach and you can't live on the beach here.

    As well, expect getting a job to take like 6 to 24 months right now, even at minimum wage. And you need an address in most cases to get a job.

    And really, you do not want to stay at the homeless shelters here. They are packed incredibly full. We do not have enough shelters for half the homeless we have now.

    We have too many homeless people here already and really, it is a horrible life.

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    1. Ohio has a beach. However, you cannot surf there, because the waves on not big enough, because it is on Lake Erie, not the ocean.

    2. No states have programs to pay the travel expenses of law abiding citizens. However, if you commit a crime and a state wants to prosecute you badly enough, they will pay to have you transported to them.

    3. Some companies have programs to pay the relocation expenses of new hires. However, they are unlikely to select an 18-year-old who has not been to college, unless you have some extraordinary skill (for example, if you are a major league baseball player or a guest on The Tonight Show).

    4. Living on the beach is illegal in most places.

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    I live in a low income housing complex where I live in PA. I am on Social Security and food stamps. You could go to and find some information there about affordable housing in the state you would like to live in. Most places go by your income and until you find a job. Only thing is you probably need to be living in the state or already in programs like food stamps and unemployment there.

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    Why do no longer you detect a school close to a coastline. prepare for pupil loans and stay to tell the story campus and then detect a job? Out of state instructions is intense yet you have the flexibility to swing it. additionally, look into summer season volunteer oportunities at any nationwide parks on the sea.

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    sounds like you've already made up your mind, however an unwise choice it is, so why are you on here asking for people's advise? You're going to do what you want anyway because you're young and haven't learned from life's experiences yet.

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