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What 'Joan of Arcadia' episode is this?

I'm trying to find a specific episode where Joan has to playact a trial (i don't remember for what) and finds out at the end of the episode that her boyfriend has been cheating on her with another girl because the other girl puts out and Joan doesn't. Help?

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    Recap Law And Order: Special Virgins Unit

    Trial And Error - Helen picks up her catechism classes with Lily again…only to learn Lily's dating Kevin. Will investigates a little girl's murder. Joan's excited about her first anniversary with Adam. Adam, not so much. God tells Joan to participate in Mock Trial. She ends up as prosecutor, while Grace is the defense attorney. They try the case of Jack the giant killer. Grace conscripts Adam to play Jack. As the case unfolds, Joan slowly realizes that Adam's cheated on her with Bonnie. Of course, Adam is awash in guilt and remorse, swearing it was "only" sex, but Joan declares they're done. Then she cries on Mrs. LandingGod's shoulder on the bus ride home.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This was episode 2.19, Trial and Error.

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