I got accepted at Madonna University, but now what?

So I got a phone call and they said I'm accepted and stuff. But I forget if they told me if they will be mailing me all the information or if I'm supposed to go to their website for it. I went to their website and didn't really see anything, but I got the acceptance call on Monday and I still haven't gotten anything mailed to me. Does anyone know?


Okay, like seriously, guys. =P It's a college in Michigan with a great English program.

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    Yes, you will receive an official acceptance letter in the mail from us.

    Your next step will be to apply for scholarships, and that you can do online through the admissions page of our Web site. For your convenience, here's the link: https://ww4.madonna.edu/mucfweb/ssl_forms/MeritStu... With the scholarship application we also require an essay and two letters of recommendation.

    If you have other questions, please don't hesitate to give me a call at (734) 432-5345 or e-mail me at hamulka@madonna.edu.

    Hope this helps! Sincerely,

    Haley Mulka

    Admissions Officer

    Madonna University

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    Madonna? Like,the celebrity?

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    no u should just watch their music videos

    that was a terrible joke, i'm sorry

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