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Christian Health care systems/facilities: Please explain?

My HMO has me assigned to an "Adventist Health Care" facility. Every time I go into the lobby, I am inundated by sappy Christian music and the reading material on the bookshelf is just Jesus this, Jesus that, Jesus the third. If Christians believe god heals, how can they have sponsored entire health care complexes? Granted, most of the physicians are not Christians (thank goodness) matter of fact, my provider is Indian and Hindu. So, what happens if a patient develops a rare form of cancer AND has a Christian physician? Are they just going to tell the person to go home and pray about it? It's a bridge I have not crossed and hopefully never will, but I do wonder. I'd switch facilities in a heartbeat.

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    I'd switch now. No such thing happens to me locally when I visit St. Dominic Hospital or Baptist Healthplex and their affiliates. If you want religion, you ask for it. Otherwise they are professional medical facilities.

    I agree with Darth (except on HMOs wanting the best for you). Most facilities are built in order to provide quality health care. Oddly, the private hospital here with no religious affiliation is the one filled with religious nuts who preach (like when I was in pre-op this past spring for foot surgery.)

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    By and large, Christian sponsored health care is not meant as a means of conversion, but rather as a means to help people. Also, most Christian denominations do not shun modern health care, but rather embrace it. Yes, we believe that Christ can and does heal people, but we also know that we are meant to use the tools we have developed for our own good as well.

    If your hypothetical situation comes to pass, the Christian physician would treat the cancer the same way any other physician would.

    Also, your HMO isn't going to send you somewhere where they don't think you'll get good treatment. Otherwise you'll end up costing them more. If it really bothers you, try to switch, but there are a lot of really good health care facilities that are, at least nominally Christian.

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    we are still in the flesh...why should it bother you? You dont have to read it. My Mom died of cancer after using chemo cuz My Dad didnt want to lose her. She suffered still and died at 46. Dont judge others.

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