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How's this for a high scoring, full - of - thrills game?

Last weekend, in Columbus, Ohio, West High School beat Independence High School by a score of 74 -71 ( no overtimes involved here ). Must've been quite a game, huh?! Oh, and by the way, last year's game between the two schools was won by Independence by a score of 70 - 23. Seems somebody got a little revenge this year...

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    That sounds like a game where the fans got their bang-for-the-buck!

    However, if the defenses were not putting up points in addition to the offenses scoring, then I'd say there are a couple defensive coaches in Ohio high school football that need to find a new profession.

    btw, how did they score so much?! Must've been great QBs chucking the ball over and over, rather than running, which eats up so much clock. And I'm going to guess the special teams had big games (receiving teams that is).

    Wow.. 74-71! Is that real?!

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    Independence rushed for over 700 yards (led rusher had 484).

    West's QB threw 7 TD's (only 11 of 30 completed though)

    Independence had 7 turnovers and the final one on the West 3 with 6 seconds left.

    Meanwhile across town two schools played to a 6-0 double overtime thriller.

    Source(s): Thx to the Columbus Dispatch for not charging on the website.
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    Wow, that's quite a score, the highest I ever heard from both teams. Did either team even field a defense? That's 10 TDs and a field goal by West and 10 TDs and a 2-point conversion by Independence with both teams making all of their extra points.

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