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5 week old and nap time?

My son is 5 weeks old. He's my first child so I'm torn between what I should be doing to train him to sleep on his own and wondering if it's just normal newborn stuff that he will grow out of. He's getting to a point where once I put him down he wakes up 2 minutes later crying. I've tried putting him down when he's starting to get sleepy or mostly asleep. I've tried waiting until I think he is completely out. I've tried bundling since he likes that at night time. I've tried using his pacifier (which he loves) but then he never really goes completely asleep and just wakes up when it falls out. When he is awake and happy, he doesn't have to be held all the time. And he sleeps great at night when I lay him down. It's just during his naps during the day that he is starting to not let me lay him down. How can I train him to stay sleeping when I set him down? Or is this just his age and he'll get over it?

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    hi i would say its a stage and you are actually really lucky he goes down at night for you.

    I tried sleep training quite early on and like you he would cry after a few minute, in the end i gave up with it and tried again when he was around 12 weeks old he settled a lot better then. 5 weeks is really too young for sleep training in my opinion.

    Hes been used to being all warm and snug inside for 9 months and being put down at that age is something he will get use to in time.

    he just wants to be close to you and is happiest being held.

    I stress myself out alot trying to get my babe to go sleep when i should of just being enjoying him, he is 7 months now and it goes too quick.

    my advice would be try sleep training around the 3 month mark.

    good luck :)

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    he may have a sore tummy from wind because from what you have said its only when you lay him down flat try tilting his muses basket up where his head is and wrap him tight so he feels held and make sure he's not got too meany blankets on hope he sleeps soon xx

    Source(s): mum of 2...35weeks with#3 xx
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