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Does anyone feel their life would have turned out better if they were raised by a pack of wolves?

In my case, it would have.

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    Absolutely! Wolves are extremely loyal and loving animals that are devoted to their families. They help, feed and protect sick, injured or old members of the pack, and mate for life. A lot of human families will turn their backs on you for completely pathetic reasons or abandon you when you need them most, and good luck trying to find a monogamous human these days! Wolves also only kill when they have to, not for stupid reasons like wanting to wear another animal's skin or hang its head on the wall, and are completely in tune with their environment rather than going around f**king up the planet like humans do. I'd love to have been raised by wolves. People suck.

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    Sounds like somebody has been watching The Jungle Book. You kids should go outside more instead of living in your disney fantasies all the time.

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    Only if you are a narcissist with male pattern baldness and a foul temper. LOL

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    You'd probably be dead in that case, not easy being a wolf

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