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Can someone help me choose a role model from these celebs?10 points!?

There are different celebs than the previous.Also please answer my other problematic questions.

I am sick and tired of my life.I am boring,i don't have real friends and i am beginning to hate school so much.I am going to fail my tests next week.I have just gave up in everything.I want to be a cool loner at school!So i have decided it is time for me to find a new personality i can emulate.So here are some of the celebs i thought of emulating,both character,body and style.I am 16 so tell me which would be suitable for me.

My favorites.I also have others if u check my other questions.

Lindsay Lohan

Ashely Tisdale

Jessica Alba

Miley Cyrus

I love the way Ashley and Miley wear those shorts and low cut tops with push up bras.I wish i had the body and the guts to do it.It is just so cool.Please help me,any workout ideas plus haircuts that frame my face.Lindsay is also cool because she is a rebel and an individual and she doesn't need a guy to support her.I respect her for that plus Jessica looked so cool in Fantastic 4 and in to the blue.



Hair:black/dark brown

Skin color:Not too white/black.I am colored but make up can change my face color.

I have brown eyes and i am skinny.

Please help me and decide which i should choose based on the fact i gave,also please recommend some more and tell me why i should choose your given celeb.Please dint tell me TO BE MYSELF.I HAVE TRIED IT AND ALL I DO IS DISAPPOINT MY PARENTS!Plus how do i find a friend who is just like me,that is outside my class.I hate my classmates.they are immature and annoying.I want someone like me who hates school and stuff!Please help me end my misery and pain.I don't think i can sustain it anymore!I feel so jealous whenever i see Miley or other young stars because they are able to make a living at a young age and not worry their parents.They must be so proud of them.I hate myself so much!PLEASE I AM BEGGING YOU!IN THE NAME OF GOD.I WILL DO ANYTHING TO BE AWESOME.


Plus please include steps to transform myself like them.I know i wont be exactly like them but something similar.Like a workout or stuff.

Please recommend some sites of the celeb u prefer.Plus how can i wear flattering cloth for my body.I am skinny and ugly.Hairstyles too.For a long face and skinny girl.



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    Okay first of all none of these people are goof role models, Maybe miley is Idk.


    Lindsey Lohan had eating disorders, she did drugs.

    Jessica Alba Is such a bad actress she's just eye candy for guys.

    What is she suppose to teach you? That You don't have to be smart or try as long as you show your body off?

    Miley Cyrus and Ashley Tisdale I don't know much a bout.

    But I know that we can not pick a role model for you.

    A role model is some who inspires you, who you look up too.

    For example My role model is Ellen Page. She is herself no matter what.

    Also Tegan and sara There music is great and I love how passionate they are.

    And Kat Dennings.

    No one picked them for me.

    Life is hard, But you can't hide behind some one else's style.

    You are still you at the end of the day when you take that make up and those clothes off.

    I used to just hate life.

    I was just so depressed, I got home schooled my freshman year because I Stopped trying and then My junior year I just gave up and quit home schooling.

    Now I'm lost.

    You can't give up.

    Life will go on weather you are ready or not.

    I write poetry and it helps me so much, I don't know if your into that stuff, But give it a try.

    I write my poems at

    You can't transform yourself into something you just aren't

    I wish I knew you because I'd talk to you more.

    I know what your going through.

    It's very Helpless feeling and you feeling like no one is really there for you. And there's not point to life and your just not good enough.

    Things will change before you know it.

    But You need to realize who you are.

    And what you want in life.

    Follow your heart.

  • i dont like lindsay lohan, she is the worst role model!

    miley cyrus is cool, but i dont know, she just seems kinds conceited now..

    ashley tisdale isnt really out there so i dont have much to say about her.

    jessica alba is cool =]

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    lindsay lohan is definitely not a good role model.

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    be like Jessica Alba

    whatever you do don't be miley cyrus, she is a bit of a slut

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