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Hydrogen powered cars over petrol cars?

A car manufacturer produced a video on the advantages of its hydrogen powered cars over cars which use petrol..

Why might some people think the video might be biased?

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    Hydrogen cars are new technology. It has its benefits as well disadvantages. When introducing something in the market we always show the positive and tell about the negatives only when asked. Don't you think the same s done in medical world. The so called wonder drugs are marketed showing the benefit only. Any drugs have side effects and so the drug companies do not publicize the side effects and even your doctor don't tell you about it. When the Layman brothers collapsed a lot of people lost their money. When they purchased the financial instruments they were never told about the adverse effect of the FI. So it is up to the buyers to check things out. Remember we are living in a practical world and not in an ideal world.

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    The Japanese hydrogen car runs on hydrogen on demand. It does not have a large tank to store the hydrogen. It makes it just before it is used. When the car stops the car stops making the hydrogen. It's a lot safer than a car with a full tank of gasoline.

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    It might be, or not. The mere fact of having an interest in something doesn't mean that the facts one presents aren't true. And there are obvious advantages to hydrogen-powered cars, as well as drawbacks such as cost, lack of a refueling infrastructure, limited range, etc. However, one of them is *not* safety. Hydrogen is explosive, but so is gasoline, and the safety disadvantages are offset by advantages, e.g., hydrogen explodes over a wider fuel/air ratio range but on the other hand it's lighter than air so it dissipates, whereas gasoline pools around a wreck. And while gasoline is stored in what is essentially an overblown tin can, hydrogen is stored under pressure in fiber composite tanks that are so tough you can shoot them with a rifle. In an accident, the car's occupants would almost certainly be killed before the hydrogen tank was breached. And hydrogen leaks can be detected with modern sensor technology. The consensus among safety experts is that with proper design, it's no more hazardous than gasoline.

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    What some fail to realise is that although you can preach about the car only producing water vapour, it burns up loads of fossil fuels in creating hydrogen in the 1st place.

    Same with electric cars.

    Great, you can glide along silently and feel good about it, but few ask themeselves where the power origonaly comes from to charge it up.

    Could well be a coal-fired power station.

    It is all a case of we can do it, so we will, without looking at the bigger picture.

    Of course the video is biased, they want to sell cars to folks that think they are doing their bit for the environment, which ultimatly they aren't

    Anyway I'd rather have a tank of petrol in a safe place than a bootload of dangerous gas.

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    Nata I just saw you answer a question about H2 gas from water, how can you say it doesn't exist on earth in this question.

    regardless of that fact, Hydrogen cars are not practical, nor nearly as beneficial as a battery electric. Hydrogen will still need to be purchased which is primarily why companies are trying to convince everyone they will work. A lot of money will be lost to corporations if you can recharge your car off a solar panel.

    Granted, hydrogen is clean and a good source of power, but for a vehicle, the compression required to be able to carry an amount to give you fair range is extremely high. which requires a good deal of energy just to accomplish at the pumping station.

    Go electric. that is where the future of vehicles needs to be. look up Tesla motors

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    Hydrogen powered cars have all the advantages of an electric car over infernal combustion - quiet, smooth, smell free, low maintenance, max torque (pulling power) from 0 from cold...

    however compared top battery electric hydrogen has many disadvantages for users (but benefit for the global corps) in that you will not be allowed to produce your own hydrogen in the garage or basement but will need to go to a filling station. The distribution of hydrogen is very difficult, the small molecules leak easily and take up a lot of vloume. Battery cars can be plugged into any outlet and supplied via the grid, or your own micro generator, or recharged from regenerative braking as you slow down

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    Hydrogen has some good peculiarities. It can power turbogas systems in ships and trucks.

    Turbogas systems are around 60% efficient and produce a power more strong than oil engines...

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    Hydrogen powered cars is completely unrealistic and a gigantic waste of power. We killed the electric car then some genius started a campaign saying "one billion dollars were going in to invest in hydrogen powered cars" This makes 1/10th the amount of seance as ethanol.

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    Because it doesn't show disadvanatge. like the HUGE risk of carrying a tank of hydrogen around in your car, the fact there is not easy way to contain it.

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    tell us where we get H2, it doesn't exist on earth. We can make it from oil and gas or even coal, so why waste all the energy required to make it, just use the oil, NG and coal "neat".

    Metalman, show me just 1 single molecule of H2 on this earth that is NOT manmade. H2 doesn't exist on earth. we can make it at great expense, but thats it. It's like show me a single molecule of Lawrencium.

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