why is that wine doesnt freeze?

Hi just wondering ,if anybody can help me figure out why wine doesnt freeze, when you keep it in the freezer?

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    Wine does freeze, but at a lower temperature than pure water or fruit juice does, because the alcohol in it lowers its freezing point.

    just like anti-freeze in your car.

    (Do you really mean "in the freezer" -or "in the fridge"?)

    You can in fact make use of this to make the wine stronger (and alcoholic). Stick it into the freezer, but make sure the cork is LOOSE. Lower the freezer "set-temperature" down a couple of notches (or 'up', if that's how it's marked, - cooler than at present, anyway) and keep opening the freezer every 10 minutes or so, and suddenly, one time, you'll notice that ice-crystals have begun to form in the wine.

    Let these grow and freeze for as long as you want, and then pour off the liquor, leaving the ice in the bottle. The crystals are only frozen water, and the liquor you've poured off will be much stronger, more taste, and will have a high alcohol content.

    It works with beer too.

    The result is the same as distilling hooch, -very high alcohol stuff, same as whisky, gin, brandy etc, but it's legal, unlike distilling.

    Edit: The ATF, of course, has no powers here, from where I write, in the UK. It's perfectly legal to freeze liquor here

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    Every element or compound (matter in general) has different physical properties. Two of these properties are boiling point and freezing point. The boiling point is the temperature required to change the matter from a liquid to a gas. The freezing point is the temperature required to change the matter from a liquid to a solid.

    Pure water (H2O) happens to have a freezing point of 0 degrees celsius or 32 degrees fahrenheit. Your freezer must be at or below this number to freeze water. Since wine doesn't contain 100% water then it most likely will not freeze at the same temperature as water does - unless there was no chemical change and every ingredient in the wine had the same freezing point. The freezing point of the wine is less than that of the temperature inside your freezer and therefore will not freeze.

    Wine can consist of 80% water and 20% ethanol (this may be a little high - I think the average is more like 85% and 15%). The ethanol comes from fermenting the sugars in the grapes. Since the volume of the wine is not 100% water, the freezing point will not be the same. Ethanol has a freezing point of pure ethanol is -114 degrees celsius! Of course, since the volume of the wine is not 100% ethanol then it will never take this extreme to freeze it.

    A combination of 80% water and 20% ethanol will freeze at approximately -12 degrees celsius or 10.4 degrees fahrenheit. I don't think there are many freezers available for personal use that get down to this temperature.

    Liquor has an even colder freezing point than wine as it has a higher concentration of ethanol. Beer has a lower concentration than wine. So your beer freezes first, then the wine, then the liquor if you have a freezer that can cool that much.

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    Julie is incorrect. Freezing is just cold distilling and IS illegal without a licence. The licence is not just there for paperwork, it's also there as a safety measure. When distilling with heat you do not take all the condensed alcohol and age it and bottle it. There are 3 main parts

    1. The Heads

    2. The body

    3. the Tails.

    The heads and the tails are toxic and are not used in any finished POTABLE product. although they are used elsewhere.

    With freeze distilling, there isn't an opportunity to remove the toxins from the liquid. So you are effectively feeding poison to yourself and others. and this is one of the reasons for having a licence, to make sure people know what they're doing.

    As for the original question, wine will freeze quite easily in the freezer. I never have any probs making my iced lolly pops in the summer.

    Source(s): Chef Sommelier, professional with W.B.S. for 20 years. WHY DID SOMEONE GIVE OIKOS A THUMBS DOWN?
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    It does freeze, just not at the temperature of domestic freezers.

    This is because the alcohol in it freezes at a very low temperature, and stops the rest of the wine from freezing

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    because of the alcohol content. wine is about 12-14% alcohol. it cannot get cold enough in your freezer to freeze the wine. beer, however, will freeze in your freezer.

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    Your freezer isn`t working...the water comtent of wine, like any other water will freeze, the alcohol content will not freeze...your freezer is Kaput

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    Wine does freeze. In fact, it will freezer in your freezer if your freezer temperature is set properly.


    Source(s): I am a wino. .
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    Alcohol content is high enough.

    Freezing point of alcohol is -114 C. The more in a beverage the lower the freezing point.

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    Julie is right about the mechanism of freeze-distillation but not about the legality. The ATF considers distillation by any means to require a permit and they don't give those out lightly.

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    WIne... Never tried

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