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Do you thin Bobby Valentine would have been the greatest CF if he hadn't hurt his shoulder?

He played all out and still does a good job as manager in Japan.


@Utter Chaos - If he hadn't hurt his shoulder running into the wall, he wouldn't have JUST been a Utility player.

Youhave to agree that his houlder injury also hurt his batting average. :-)D

Update 2:

OK OK so Willie Mays is the best CF ever.

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    Not the greatest CF, mainly because he was not a great hitter, but he certainly would have made some great memories with spectacular catches. Probably of the Jim Edmonds and Torii Hunter mode - very good players who are not HOF material but certainly worthy of all-star game appearances.

    Don't underestimate his managerial skills in MLB either - look at his work with the 1998-2001 Mets.

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    Considering he only played 17 games in CF in his career and his best season before his injury was 1972 when he had 3 HR, 32 RBI and a .274 batting average in 119 game, I'd have to say NO!

    He was more of a utility infielder who could also play the outfield. For his career he had 161 games at SS, 120 at 2B, 106 at 3B, plus another 128 in the outfield. He even caught 2 games.

    Now if you're talking about Mickey Mantle then you may have something. Had he not hurt his knee and partied so much he would have been the best CF of all time. As it is he's top 5 with Mays, Speaker, Cobb, and whoever else you want to mention.

    edit: He got injured in May of 1973 missing the remainder of the season. Up until that time in 1973 he played 25 games at SS, 7 in CF, and 1 in LF. I think he was more of a SS than anything. Before 1973 (and before the injury) he played about 85% of his games in the infield. I still contend he was a utility player and would have been whether or not he was injured. Even if he didn't get injured the Angels had Mickey Rivers coming up to play CF for them.

    By the way, it wasn't a shoulder injury, it was a leg injury. And while it might have affected his batting average slightly, it affected his speed much more.

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    "Better than Willie Mays, the best player of all time? I don't think so"

    Willie Mays, the best player of all time. I don't think so. There are quite a few I'd pick before Mays, starting with Babe Ruth.

    One who may have been one of the greatest center fielders was Pete Reiser, who destroyed his career by running into outfield walls, before they were padded.

    In his first full season, he hit a NL leading .343, also led in 2B with 39, triples with 17, had 14 HR and 76 RBI. And, he was great on defense.


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    Better than Willie Mays, the best player of all time? I don't think so.

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    Oh...wait...wrong Valentine.

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    No but it probably kept him from being a solid everyday player, he probably would have been about like Mark Kotsay was for the last decade.

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    Who is Bobby Valentine and what is a CF?

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    presumably not.

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