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What casino has the lowest minimum and highest maximum bet at their roulette table?

I am looking for a european roulette table at a casino in the states with an ideal setup of a $5 minimum but a $6000 or above maximum bet. I have only been to one casino (Nowhere near vegas) and the spread was $5-$200. I need the biggest spread. Does anyone know where one is? I say $5-$6000 because that is how the german casino I play in is and it works out nicely for me.

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    There's only one reason you're looking for such a large spread.

    If you continue trying to "beat" roulette with anything resembling the Martingale System, you WILL lose HUGE one of these days.

    If you haven't lost yet, you're very lucky. With a 5 to 6,000 spread you can afford to lose 10 times in a row and then you're betting near the maximum for the 11th spin. Have you EVER seen 11 blacks in a row or 11 reds in a row or 11 black/red/black/red/etc.... in a row???


    Just walk around and look at the results on wheels. Long streaks like this happen all the time.

    Hmmm....what if you waited until you saw like 6 reds in a row and THEN started betting on black?!? Maybe that will work?!?

    No. It won't. You WILL lose one of these days, and when you do, you'll lose big.

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    Biggest Roulette Bet

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    It will always depend on the casino. some offer small stakes games with a $25 max some will offer more high rolling tables with maximums in the thousands. All will have a maximum stake relative to the minimum to prevent betting techniques such as the martindale system being successful.

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    In the past I have seen tables with $5 minimums and $10,000 maximums at Paris (here is Las Vegas). I can't say for sure they have those anymore though. If I had to guess, they're more likely $10 min $10,000 max or worse now. About $10 min and $5,000 max in pretty standard on the strip.

    Have fun blowing ten grand.

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    Any online casino really. Most of them have $1 min bet and it depends on the casino for a max bet but I am sure it would suit you.

    You can see some good casinos here and if I had to recommend one to you it would be any of the casino rewards casinos which can be found here

    I hope this helps and good luck

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