Which Native American tribes practiced scalping?

I've looked through online articles, but they tend to be vague. I've read that some Plains Indians practiced it and so did some Canadian tribes. Were there other practitioners from the East Coast? Thanks!

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    The history of Indian and European scalping


    Scalping: Fact & Fantasy



    The payment for Indian scalps, including the scalps of Indian children, was written in the laws of Massachusetts. "The Acts and Resolves of the Province of Massachusetts Bay," Vol. I, states the rate for Indian scalps began at 50 pounds. The price for the scalp of Indian children under 10 was 10 pounds of silver.

    When the slaughter subsided in the United States, scalp bounty hunters went to Mexico and slaughtered entire villages. They would leave arrows at the sites to make it look like Indians carried out the carnage.


    CANADA - British Scalp Proclamations -1749 and 1750


    MEXICO - Scalp Industry

    Sonora was the first state to enact a scalp bounty law; in 1835,



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    Cherokee Scalping

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    I don't know. I keep reading two different versions. One the Indians scalped as part of their Neolithic culture of trophy taking, to prove they killed a dangerous enemy (the way some South American Indians and Polynesian Islanders took heads, as trophies). Then I've read that the practice of scalping was introduced by the Spanish in their South-American colonies to collect bounties on the hated indigenous peoples, and the Indians took it up from there, the practice alledgedy worked its way up to North America. So I still don't know who started scalping first, or why??

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    The whole concept and practice of "scalping," came from the ancient Greeks. It spread all over Europe and other lands through war and conquest.

    It was the Europeans that introduced "scalping," to North American. Scalps were used as evidence in the killing of a Native person, in order to receive financial reimbursement. Eventually it was an adopted practice in waring societies.

    Did Cherokees use scalping? Yes we did, introduced by the traders. But the practice eventually stopped by the late 1700's. I can't speak for other Native Nations, and the European influence of scalping.

    Tribally enrolled

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  • scalping was limited in north america pre contact. once the europeans came with their practice of scalping and bounties, it became more widespread. as early as the 1600s, settlers in massachusetts had laws putting various bounties on the scalps of native men, women and children. natives began scalping more after that in revenge for what was done to their own families.

    "Scalping wasn't universal in North America. Eskimos never scalped. Though generally quite common east of the Rockies before white contact, the practice was rare in parts of the northeast, and in the far west was encountered only sporadically. The introduction of horses, metal knives, and guns, combined with territorial pressures, probably increased warfare and scalping. But only after the white man put the practice on a solid business foundation, by offering scalp bounties, did it really take off and spread to previously nonparticipating peoples."


    Source(s): mohawk...we didn't scalp until we were scalped.
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    just a note.

    scalping was taught to some native american nations by french trappers.

    huron and iroquois were some said to scalp.

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    Those that learned it from the whites. Did you know the king of England paid the colonists for scalps?



    Source(s): Lakota
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    This article says it was Cherokees. I've also heard the French started it.

    Good luck sorting it out.

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    The Cleveland Indians, but they kept missing their targets.

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