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可以盡量用比較簡單的英文翻譯嗎 如果不行也沒關西 謝謝






請問還有可以回答得嗎 因為第一篇有一些怪怪的符號 我的英文程度也不是很好 不知道哪個是內容哪個不是 謝謝幫忙

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    Blood suck ghost origin

    The blood suck ghost fable's origin is Romania's 1 puncture Wang De ancient pulls?! Although he brings peace and the freedom for Romania, but is also a quite brutal person, his penalty is not beheads generally perhaps the death by hanging and so on, what is famous will be he will insert the human above 1 pillar, will drink enemy's blood, he gradually will turn 1 fable, by drank the blood to turn the blood suck ghost. In the history, the humanity began in 1484 regarding the blood suck ghost race's first time understanding. At that time the entire Europe was in the blood suck ghost under the war. The blood suck ghost tribal grouping tribal group sends out at night, the wide range and the humanity initially support. Many part of person unacceptable initially supports causes the nerve disorder. Because accepts the human symptom which and plague initially supports is similar, therefore the human society then thought that this is also 1 wide range plague.  Many humanities in have not died completely, or before initially is supporting the function has not replied similar is buried by them the underground tomb pit, several days later, as a result of some kind of reason, the people open the grave, discovered that these corpses had already changed the posture,

    in 1710, the blood suck ghost fight launched once more, the war occurred the place was area East Prussia, the crowd which initially supported 1 time has been filled the earth, the city and the village is covered in the death breath. The ancient fable spreads once more in the panic-stricken crowd. The East Prussia authority to stop blood suck ghost reactivating which initially supports, wide range's excavation corpse's grave, has not nailed to staple every 1 rotten corpse body on the massive wooden pegs. At the same time, the inquisition mobilization massive knights carry on the fight to the blood suck ghost, each fight incomparably is frigid. And has 1 word--“Vanpir” the 1st appearance.

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    你這是要寫小說 還是歷史報告?

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