Why is age requirement different for LASD and LAPD?

Howcome you can be an LASD deputy at age 19 1/2 and for LAPD you have to be 20 1/2?


I read on the LASD recruitment website you have to be 19 1/2. On the show "The Academy" there were recruits in the academy that were only 20 years old.

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    You are mistaken or you read inacurate information. Both are 20 1/2 or 21.

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    With LASD you will most likely work in the jails or other support function before functioning in a patrol capacity.

    With LAPD you will be a patrol officer as soon as you graduate their academy and complete field training.

    It's simply the difference between two agencies. Sometimes departments will post a lower application age if they know their hiring process takes a long time, i.e. they want 21 year-olds but know the process will take a year, so they accept applications from 20, etc.

    Edited for additional information: Research the California POST website and you'll find the minimum age for LEOs in California stated as 18 years-old.

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