What does Sim not provisioned MM #2 mean for a cellphone?

I have a LG phone, with at&t service.


IT's a new phone that we just got today, is there any other reasons besides it not being active? We've called and they said it was active.

Update 2:

Is that hotline 24/7?

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    Your service has been shut off or suspended (meaning reported lost/stolen)

    you need to call at&t and tell them that your SIM card is not registered with your service. Take the SIM card out of the phone give them the long number on the SIM card. Your service and phone number may be active but they have not activated the SIM card to work with your phone. There will be no fee to take care of this and it takes a few seconds once they put in the SIM card number

    1-800-331-0500 or 611 from another phone

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    Sim Not Provisioned Mm 2

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    Sim Not Provisioned

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    On a new phone, just give your service your sim card number.

    If you get a "Sim not provisioned mm#2" message on a Go phone, it's probably because you have not put money into your account for two months, so they canceled your account. I called ATT today after I got the mm#2 message. (You have to jump through a lot of hoops by the way, so be prepared for at least 20 minutes of being transferred.) They told me they had canceled my account because I might be dead. I told them I was still alive, so they said to go to one of their corporate offices. They gave me the addresses of two offices which were only 2 miles from my house. The man I spoke to put a note on my record that they were to give me a new sim card free. I called the office and they verified that the new sim card would cost nothing, and that it would only take ten minutes to get a new one. All I needed to do was tell them my old Go phone number.

    I have to say that I could not find a stipulation anywhere in the ATT literature that said the Go phone account would be canceled if no additional payments were made in a two-month period. It's not on the box, and it wasn't in the manual. I dared the man I spoke to at ATT to find it, but he couldn't. This is a very questionable business practice - especially for a "pay as you need it" plan.

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    Well think the best answer is doesn't really matter if it's not causing any harm but if you notice somethings changing or messing up on your phone just get whole new one giving your own sim number away ain't gonna help that sim unless it's not already activated when you bought it which would been waste of money.

  • have a pay as you go "go phone" I didn't put money in it for about a month and I'm getting a "sim not provisioned mm #2".

    I go to the At&t store to get another Sim card ( which 3g are supposed to be free) and they want $25.00 because some smart a sales guy says the number was shut off. WTF it was never shut off before Its a pay as you phone. So I'm out money for the prepaid card I bought because I scratched the numbers off.I WILL NEVER USE AT&T again! UNLESS they make this right!

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    I get it since I had my samsung s4 service turned off on it. The sim card is still installed but can still utilize phone except making/recieving text messages or calls. Can still access internet by using wi-fi. Kind of like a baby tablet.

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    This just means if you got a new phone and a new sim then the old sim is no longer active

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    I believe it means your new sim card # has not been registered to your personal account and your device. That is the activation process that gets you on the network. Hang on! Just activate your sim card # & they'll turn you on.

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