What do you do if you have a job in international business or business management?

I want to major in either international business or business management in college but I'm not too sure on what they do...I know I sound stupid for wanting to major in something without knowing what they do so can anyone of you tell me? ><

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  • 1 decade ago
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    A close friend's ex-fiancee imports wood fram Brazil. Her degree, I believe, was from the University of Georgia (UGA) and she speaks several languages (English, Portugese, French, and Spanish) fluently.

    Another friend works for the State Department.

    Another friend is a waiter and has an MBA in international business.

    Another friend's brother works on the exchange floor in Chicago.

    Another friend manages a bunch of computer geeks for a large hardware/software corporation.

    Another friend manages a finance organization for a large aviation manufacturer.

    Another friend has a double major in international business and HR with an undergrad in English (and my sentences drove her nuts!!) and she travels the world consulting for a large consulting firm.

    The question is...

    "What do YOU want to do with your degree in International Business or Business Management?" Your summer internships will generally help provide the direction of what you will do when you graduate.

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    despite the fact that you'll be able to follow for a couple of schools for a mba measure in canada that do not state paintings enjoy as a prerequisite a fair manipulate to get via i could suggest that yu have a bigger underrstanding of the area and aid yu benefit from the path rather of slogging

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