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I am a veteran of OIF 08-10, currently employed, homeless?

I am a veteran of OIF and employed making $12.00 an hour (just recently started working) my post 911 GI Bill has not taken effect yet and me and my family and I are homeless bound, I have my VA home loan documents on me, but it means nothing without cash in hand and a solid employment background. I was on unemployment but recently found employment and will be getting off of it soon (don't know why because unemployment will pay better) i have gone to the VA website and so far i have found nothing in regards to assistance to my situation. What are my options now?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    fred,this might help,saw the state of Massachusetts in profance Programs for Massachusetts Citizens

    Where to find help, information and referrals

    The Commonwealth of Massachusetts provides a wide range of services to help citizens

    who have exhausted or may soon exhaust their unemployment insurance claim. Unemployed

    individuals experiencing financial difficulties may be eligible for assistance to meet basic needs as well as other services such as health care, counseling, employment and training assistance, and more. Please contact these agencies and organizations directly to inquire about their programs.

    2-1-1 is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

    and is staffed by counselors that can get you the help you need.

    All calls are free and confidential. Trained counselors can assist you

    with almost any challenge such as child care options, workforce

    retraining, mental health issues, or substance abuse concerns.

    Translation services available.


    For food and nutritional assistance, cash assistance, and

    employment support.

    Application Information Hotline 1-800-249-2007

    SNAP Hotline (formerly known as Food Stamps) 1-866-950-FOOD (3663)


    For housing, shelter and fuel assistance.

    Division of Housing Stabilization 1-877-418-3308

    Fuel Assistance and Weatherization 1-800-632-8175


    To locate food pantries and other nutrition resources in your community. 1-800 645-8333


    For assistance with finding a health insurance plan. 1-877-623-6765


    For assistance with child support orders. 1-800-332-2733


    Benefits and resources for veterans and their families may be available through

    your local Veterans’ Service Officer.


    For residents facing challenges in the area of consumer protection, fraud, civil

    rights violations, health care, and insurance issues.

    Public Inquiry & Assistance Center Hotline 1-617-727-8400



    Services including fuel and weatherization assistance, homelessness prevention,

    emergency food assistance, and job training.

    Jobs, Careers, Training

    One Stop Career Centers – a cooperative effort between numerous state and local agencies, businesses and non-profit organizations-provide job seekers with an easily accessible and extensive menu of information and quality services -at no cost.

    Job seekers can:

    • Get assistance to find jobs

    • Work with experienced career counselors

    • Learn about job search strategies including interviewing,

    networking, and resume writing

    • Attend workshops and short-term training, including basic

    computer training

    • Network with other job seekers

    • Access up-to-date local, statewide and national job listings

    • Locate vocational training/educational opportunities

    • Access resource room services including computers,

    newspapers, professional journals, business directories, fax machines and copiers,

    publications on job search activities and careers One Stop Career Centers are located across the state.

    To find the most convenient career center, along with a list of its services, hours of operation, and directions, go to To access the latest

    job postings, go to

    Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

    The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

    is a nutrition program for families and individuals that meet certain income and resource guidelines. SNAP benefits help low-income families buy nutritious food at most grocery stores, convenience stores and pharmacies. SNAP receipients can be working and still

    qualify for SNAP benefits.

    SNAP Hotline (formerly known as Food Stamps)

    1-866-950-FOOD (3663)

    Commonwealth of Massachusetts

    Deval L. Patrick, Governor

    Timothy P. Murray, Lt. Governor

    Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development

    Suzanne M. Bump, Secretary

    Equal Opportunity Employer • Auxiliary Aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

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  • 4 years ago

    i'm a Veteran and a Republican, and that i've got won my healthcare from the VA because 1998. 2 issues replaced under Bush. earlier 2003, maximum Vets on ordinary appointments observed a well-being care provider Assistant. After 2003 Vets have been assigned a well-recognized Care well-being care provider as a ordinary direction of care. Secondly, Veterans signing up for VA Care larger 25% under Bush's administration. This became of course the consequence of conflict time provider, and the consequence of greater effective outreach to Vets. Over 8 yrs, Clinton's investment for the VA larger 31% and Bush's 37%. it is going to be stated, nonetheless, that under Bush, Co-pays for those with earnings over $28,000 went to $3 in line with prescription and $50 in line with Dr. and Lab flow to. The Homeless Vet subject, fairly with Vietnam Veterans is a shame, nonetheless there is outreach by technique of the VA. conflict damages the psyche, and returning Nam Vets have been chastised; that has to do with an ungrateful united states and an excellent sort of Vets never adjusted from the journey. Obama stated he needs to get them off the streets and in to a life. the thank you to try this continues to be the subject, and it may no longer be solved with funds. we could desire to keep in mind each and every Veteran, extremely the line Vets. i'm useful many are waiting on the President and his promise. i'm additionally useful many don't believe they have a topic.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Try your local veterans Affairs office.Maybe post this question in the Military section.They may have some ideas we do not know about.

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