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Advice for filling in a clinical psychology application?

I intend to apply for clinical psychology in Ireland and the UK, has anyone got any advice to give in regard to filling out the applications so you can stand out from the crowd

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    Things that make a clinical applicant stand out are usually:

    Work experience as an assistant psychologist in a clinical setting:

    Research experience (in excess of that done at undergrad level), especially if it's clinically relevant:

    A postgraduate qualification in psychology (e.g. a Masters):

    Publication of your research (e.g your undergrad dissertation)

    If you already have a copy of the clinical application form you'll see that there is little space to write much about anything in terms of a personal statement etc! However, they are looking for evidence that you can apply psychological knowledge to your work experience and also for evidence that you can relate how your work or research experience is relevant to clinical psychology. On my application I discussed the skills I had learnt through my work which I felt would be useful in clinical psychology and I also spoke about self-reflection on my own practise.

    Apart from this there's not really much else you can put-there is so little space to say anything that I personally felt much of the judgement would be made purely on whether the candidate has worked as an assistant psychologist or not (combined with good references of course!). Just make sure you get it completed and sent off soon as the looming postal strikes may mean you miss the December 1st deadline!

    Good luck with your application! :-)

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    1) Be honest: how can anyone help you if you do not tell them what the problem is?

    2) Describe what you consider to be the problem as accurately as possible.

    3) Ensure that your credentials are correct.

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