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If Superman was trapped in the Matrix...?

Okay, suppose Superman was trapped in the Matrix. He and Neo gets into a fight...who wins and why?

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    (1) If Superman were in the Matrix, his superpowers would mean very little because they are no longer in the real world. Remember when Neo and Morpheus are sparring in the 1st movie, and Morpheus says, "Do you believe that my being stronger or faster has anything to do with my muscles in this place? Do you think that's air you're breathing now?" Superman's powers would be limited to what he believes he can do. Neo, who has freed his mind and understands that he can do anything, would be able to out perform Superman. Neo's powers would be infinite, and Superman's powers would be finite. Neo 1, Superman 0.

    (2) Superman, although powerful in physical ways (like strength, laser eyes, freeze breath, etc), has never shown any super intelligence. Lex Luthor has always been the diabolical genius that Superman thwarts with physical prowess - the noble jock giving a wedgie to evil nerd. Prior to his "awakening", Neo was a serious shut-in style computer nerd. He was extremely smart in the algorithmic thought which works well with computers. Once in Matrix, brain-power rules. Neo 2, Superman 0.

    (3) If Neo can fight off several hundred rogue agent Smiths (who would be able to take over Superman's body), he should be able to take on one Superman. I mean, Superman vs 1 agent Smith might be a good fight, put 100 Smiths would be able to take Superman. Neo 3, Superman 0.

    (4) Lastly, if Neo and gang can load anything into the matrix (like guns and clothes), then they would certainly be able to synthesize a whole mess of kryptonite, or kryptonite bullets into a chain gun. It doesn't have to be real, Superman would believe it and his body would make it real. Remember the jump program? No one makes the first jump - even though superman can fly, it means that his initial disbelief is impossible to overcome. Therefore, having experienced the detrimental effects of kryptonite before, would have no choice but to believe it was real. Neo 4, Superman 0.

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    Oh good one, Superman may have fast punches but Neo can dodge it with his slowing down timer skills also they can fly at a very fast speed as well. But overall I think Neo because Matrix is Neo's territory.

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    Superman. Neo can fly and has some super strength. Superman can fly, freeze things with his breath and he has laser vision.

  • they would both beat eachother up and give up cause there both to good for each other.but i would say superman cause he has powers and neo doesn' can kill neo with a couple of gun shots if your really really good with a gun.

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    Superman! Dude, he has the power of the "Yellow sun" so basically the only thin that can weekens him is kyrptonite

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  • definitely superman. unless of course there is kryptonite present

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    Superman is no genius in hand to hand.

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    Neo!!!! because he dive into people, and make them explode! he is wayyyy hotter :P

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