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question about getting your hair thinned?

i was thinking about getting my hair thinned becasue my hair is super thick curly and puffy. i either want to get it thinned or japanese straightened but i dont know anything about them. i want to know which one stays longer, and if its really worth it.



also will thinning make my hair straight or keep it curly??

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    ^ Wrong.

    Japanese hair straightening wil last longer, But it is damaging to the hair. Thinning your hair WILL NOT make your hair weak and fall out. Getting your hair thinned is just like getting your hair cut, and lasts as long as a hair cut. Getting hair thinned is much more better, healthier wise. But the two are completely different things. One straightens your hair, and the other takes the thickness out.

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    If you are going to get your hair thinned, start out by having your hairdresser do it just a little. Then maybe you can get it done more the next time you go in. It is shoking to have this super thin hair, if you aren't used to it. I have never tried the Japanese hair straightening, but I have heard that not everyone does it correctly. If your hair is curly and thick, then it will still be thick when you get the hair straightening done. Even when I straighten my hair with a flatiron, it is still big and bushy when I don't get it thinned out. But you will also notice that your hair is a lot easier to straighten with a flatiron, when you have it thinned out some.

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    I also have thick curly hair and I went to go get it thinned last year but my stylist said it would be best not to do it. Apparently, it looks great when you first get it done but after a few weeks it starts growing back in weird patterns and spiky. She said layers would be a lot better.

    As for japanese straightening, I've never done it or considered it so I cant offer much help here, but it will probably cause damage to your hair. Also, im guessing that if you decide you like your curly hair better, you hair will probably lose some of its curl because of the straightening so it might be hard to reverse.

    Hope this helps and good luck!


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    Layers is hair on precise of hair. while you're apprehensive approximately having your hair being too thick or poofy, then you certainly shouldn't get a great form of layers. Thinning your hair may be a sturdy concept, however the only situation with thinning your hair, is that as quickly because it starts to strengthen out, it ought to seem incredibly messy. that's variety of like getting your hair colored, as quickly as you do it, you ought to maintain doing it or anticipate it to be over thoroughly. I say, pass on your hairdresser and ask what acceptable for you would be. they are greater qualified and understand greater approximately what to do in those circumstances.

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    tell your stylist you want a 180 degree hair cut, this cut will keep your length, but thin the ends. also tell the stylist that you want your face frame thinned out with thinning shears.curly hair can be beautiful if you have the right product. ask your salon stylist for the best products for curly hair. if you choose not to spend the money on salon products, try Herbal Essence Totally Twisted shampoo and conditioner collection, and Herbal Essence Long Term Relationship split end protecter. put a few pumps of the long term relationship split end protector if your hair when you get out the shower with wet hair, this will make your hair super soft and easy to comb through since curly hair tangles easily. once you have your products in your hair, and have it looking the way you want, do not touch it! touching curly hair causes frizz and fly aways, not cute. just leave it alone and do not put your hands in it once you got it styled the way you want. but one thing i suggest you dont do is get permanent hair straghtening. this causes damage to your hair and people get perms to have curly hair! i do suggest investing in a great flat iron, my favorite is Chi, its amazing and your hair will be super shiny and silky. it is expensive, but worth it and it has a 5 year warranty. good luck, and have fun with your hair.

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    if your hair is really curly i would not suggest getting it japanese straightened - it is very expensive, and damaging. also if your hair is like mine, and curls very close to the roots, this means you would have to re straighten it often. it would stay though, definitely! my friend had it done and it looks great - although she said all the above...

    hair thinning is probably your answer :)

    hope this is a little helpful - good luck!


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    i've never tried getting it straightened but i always get my hair thin. oh man i have super thick horse hair. and it really works. if u dont like it it will grow out thick u just have to get it done every so often and its cheaper than straightning. bc what if u want to wear ur hair curley one day.

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    japanese straightening is bettr. thinning yer hair will make it weak n fall out.

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    i would get it thinned if u don'twantt tocompletelyy ruin ur hair. japanese straightning is alot of chemicals.

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    well getting it thinned will be much less pricey,,,the Japanese process will last a whole lot longer...but it will be way more money...anywho..hope i helped..=)

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