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Who are your favorite Mexican American boxers of all time?

1. Johnny Tapia

2. Michael Carbajal

3. Mia St. John

4. Oscar De La Hoya

5. Diego Corrales

6. Jesse James Leija

7. Alfonso Gomez

8. Paulie Ayala

9. Orlando Canizalez

10. Fernando Vargas


You may choose Margarito as well, he was born in US, born as a US citizen but end up living in Mexico.

Update 2:

@ Mark, I think you put Juan Manuel Marquez accidentally bro! He is not Mexican American. He is Mexican. :-)

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    Hey JON another interesting question mate!

    My top 10 in no specific order

    Paulie Ayala

    Michael Carbajal

    Oscar De La Hoya

    Johnny Tapia

    Willie Jorrin

    Danny Romero

    Steven Luevano

    Paul Gonzales, Olympic Champion

    Loreto Garza, my man or he KO'ed the opponent or he got KO'ed,no other options for a fight to finish when he fought lol

    Rodolfo Gonzales,a Mexican-American hero and way more than just a boxer!I would call him the Mexican-American Muhammad Ali!

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    Jon this is a very interesting question. We have been honored over the years to have many great Mexican and Mexican American fighters. Here is a list of my favorites:

    1. Bobby Chacon

    2. Mando Ramos

    3. Michael Carbajal

    4. Carlos Palomino

    5. Gaby Canizales

    6. Oscar De La Hoya

    7. Manuel Ortiz

    8. Diego Corrales

    9. Johnny Tapia

    10. Oscar Albardo

    11. Armando Muniz

    12. Richie Sandoval

    13. Tony Baltazar

    14. Paulie Ayala

    15. Ruben Castillo

    16. David Diaz

    17. Chris Arreola

    18. Fernado Vargas

    19. Danny Romero

    20. Alfonzo Gomez

    Honorable mention to Danny "Little Red" Lopez who was part Ute Indian and Mexican.

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    Oscar De La Hoya

    Diego Corrales

    Fernando Vargas

    Tony Lopez

    Genaro Hernandez

    Chris Arreola

    Gabriel Ruelas

    Juan Lazcano

    Michael Carbajal

    Johnny Tapia

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    Orlando Canizales

    Mando Ramos

    Rodolfo "El Gato" Gonzalez

    Tony Baltazar

    Frankie Baltazar

    Robert Quiroga

    Alberto Sandoval

    Yaqui Lopez

    Bobby Chacon

    Carlos Palomino

    Alberto Davila

    Keeny Teran

    Had to edit my list a lot, I didn't see the American part.

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    Oscar De La Hoya

    Diego Corrales

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    one million. Danny "Little crimson" Lopez. Danny is probable between the main interesting combatants of all time as all his fights have been action packed. 2. Oscar De l. a. Hoya. Very beautiful and clever guy that would additionally combat. Win or lose, he fought the very terrific. 3. Michael Carbajal.. between the very terrific of the little guy combatants. solid guy that would knock your lighting fixtures fixtures out, 4. Bobby Chacon. common as Schoolboy, Chacon replaced into an exciting fighter. Watched a lot of his fights and he replaced into unforgettable. 5. Armado Muniz. Used to computer screen a lot of this mans fights relatively against the super Jose Napoles. in no way a champ, yet exciting to computer screen.

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    This is a very good question and a good test as well. IT's hard because there are so many great Mexican American champions. LOL, I feel almost inclined to Cheat and add my favorite Mexican fighter, Julio Cesar Chavez, but you said "Mexican-American". He would top this and many of the lists I've seen here but, sticking to the question, I'd have to go with..........

    1. Oscar de la Hoya: Say what you will but it's hard not to admire Oscar. I must admit that I personally like him more for what he's doing for boxing after his retirement. I also have to give Oscar a LOT of credit. He didn't always WIN the big ones but he did FIGHT them. Some will say he avoided Winky Wright and Vernon Forrest but at nearly every time they were available, there was always a more attractive challenge waiting for Oscar. He's the one fighter who can ligitimately claim to not be able to fight Everybody.

    2. Diego Corrales: How can you not admire Chico? He didn't always fight the wisest fight but he certainly fought the bravest. I felt for him when he wanted to continue when his step-dad stopped the Mayweather fight. I felt for his dad as well though because he understood that Chico was out-matched. He should have been a jr. welterweight, not a jr. lightweight.

    Orlando Canizalez: a good champion with a lot of heart, so is Michael Carbajal. Who can forget his series with Humberto Gonzalez?

    Honestly, I've never been impressed with Fernando Vargas or Jesse James Leija. They were "Good" but ordinary champions who benefited from the Multi-titled generation and would never have become champions of any sort in, even the days of TWO champions per division.

    Chacon, Baltazar and Paulie Ayala were decent champions but, again, nothing special.

    People tend to remember Carlos Palomino for nastalgic reasons but he benefited from the company he kept during the welterweight division's super era with Leonard, Duran and Hearns. He's the "Ken Norton" of that era.

    There are other good champions on this list and the lists of others here. But they pale in comparsion to their Mexican counterparts.

    LOL, I feel cheated, not being able to add names like Chavez, Sanchez, Marquez and others but rules are rules.

  • 1. Manuel Ortiz - A true all-time great, Ortiz was a 2-time World Bantamweight champion. He defended his crown a combined 20 times.

    2. Bobby "Schoolboy" Chacon - Although he was Mexican-American, he fought using the Mexican style fighting. He would go in and take many shots to land one thunderous shot from either hand. One of the most exciting fighters of all time, he had 4 classic fights against Rafael "Bazooka" Limon (The 4th and final fight between them is my pick as the greatest fight EVER) and Cornelius Boza Edwards.

    3. Diego "Chico" Corrales - A brawler, not afraid to mix it up, and one heck of a puncher to boot. His first fight against Jose Luis Castillo is one of the greatest fights ever, some say it IS the greatest ever.

    4. Johnny "Mi Vida Loca" Tapia - Great fighter, has been struggling with drug use for YEARS but don't let that take away the fact that he became a champion in 2 divisions (Super flyweight and featherweight).

    5. Danny "Little Red: Lopez - This half-Irish, Half-Mexican with bright red hair was amongst the most exciting fighters of his day. He was the type of fighter who would take a punch, then come back and flatten you. Lopez was one of the very few who knocked out the great Ruben Olivares. He was also murderous puncher. Lopez won the WBC featherweight title, defending it 8 times, before losing it to the great Salvador Sanchez.

    Here's a clip of Lopez in action - full fight:

    Youtube thumbnail

    6. Michael "Manitos De Piedra" Carbajal - One of the most exciting smaller fighters of recent times, he was a highly skilled fighter with a great, great left hook. He won the IBF title and unified the light flyweight title after knocking out Humberto "Chiquita" Gonzalez in what was named as Ring Magazine Fight Of The year for 1993. Here's the KO:

    Youtube thumbnail

    He retired as champion, knocking out a young Jorge Arce in the 11th round for Arce's WBO Light Flyweight Title.

    7. Orlando Canizalez - One of the best bantamweights of recent times, he won the IBF Bantamweight title and defended it 18 times. Great fighter.

    8. Tony "The Tiger" Lopez - 2 division champion, gave Brian Mitchell the toughest fights of his career, defended his titles a combined 8 times.

    9. Oscar De La Hoya - 10-time world champion.

    10. Paulie Ayala.

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