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In 30 yrs will there still be crazed MJ fans living in trailer parks claiming to see him, much like Elvis fans?

MJ fans are claiming they are no different than Elvis fans. As far as I've even seen, Elvis fans flock to garage sales, buying up collector plates to display in their trailer park homes and vacationing in Graceland every year. Will the fans of MJ still be so obsessed with him 30 years from now? Will we start seeeing ads in the Sunday paper for collector plates with images of MJ on them? Is this MJ craze a fad or will it last at least 32 years, much like the Elvis fans?

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    No, I don't think so. His face is just far too ugly to ever be on a plate.

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    My grandfather was a successful surgeon, when he passed he left my grandmother a few million for her to live off...she also happens to be the largest Elvis fan I have ever seen and unless she is living some secret life doesn't live in a trailer park.

    Thanks for trying to rile everyone up's what keeps Y!A interesting.

    EDIT: Elegance; Who's bad? What do you mean by...As if somebody living in a trailer park would have Wi-Fi connection!

    Just because someone lives in a trailer park does not mean they are cut off from the rest of the world. That is offensive.

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    Of course there will be, what a silly question. And, I already purchased the first 2 collector plates with his image on them.

    Source(s): I'm listeneing to his song, "Thriller" and creaming my panties
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    Metal (and a few other genres irrelevant to this question) is generally the music of the working class. Some of them may live in trailers.

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    I guess for some fans it could grow into a very unhealthy obsession that will take over thier lives.

    I'm a fan, but I'm not obsessed. I like his music, and think he is a very sweet person, from what I can see. But I wouldn't vacation at Neverland, or buy plates with his face on it. Thats just retarded. But yea, I would suspect we will see ads for plates soon enough...

    I've liked him before he died, and it never got out of hand. Why should it be different now? Should I buy all the merchandise because he died?

  • How knows?

    Maybe they will and maybe they won't

    But Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley changed music completely. So let's hope the MJ fans still stay around. Maybe not as crazy as you said...

    I sure will be a fan (:

  • wow

    I don't live in a trailer park!

    my dad's a cop & my mom is an ER nurse

    I live in Hawaii and just got back with my family from a trip to Cali. MJ is a good musican :) We don't have trailer parks in Hawaii!!

    It doesn't matter if you make low or high income. You can still be a fan.

    BTW, how can you be of high income if your still in college?

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    I'm sorry, but what the hell are you even talking about?

    As if somebody living in a trailer park would have Wi-Fi connection!

    I mean... come on. We don't all sink to that level; I'm more of a love-from-a-distance type.

  • I see where you are coming from, but no.

    I know he's dead. We are human and we all have to die sometime.

    Will some act as crazy as you suggest? Probably. That happens when legends die.

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