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Will a Moxie Girls doll fit in a Barbie dollhouse?

Product Dimensions(in inches)12.6 x 11.2 x 3.5-Moxie Girls

Product Dimensions(in inches)12.9 x 5.1 x 2.4-Barbie

All the description info for the item listing of the Barbie brand dollhouse says is "will fit most 12" dolls".


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    Hi Crystal,

    You've the correct dimensions of the boxes listed. However, the height of the actual dolls is different.

    The Barbie doll, as we all know her well, is 11.5 inches tall.

    Moxie Girlz are 10.6 inches tall.

    So, none of the Moxie Girlz need fear bumping their heads on the way into Barbie's home sweet home.

    Source(s): I've taken a look at the Moxie Girlz range last week, know Barbie all too well and saw this on the Wall Street Journal's website today:
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    Moxie Girls

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    Moxie Dolls

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