why do ppl hate twilight?


well i like the books but will not shuve it down your throat to read.and i can talk to a personand have a normal conversation.and i do find it silly about the sparkiling part,but i think if you donb't like it don't talk about it don't think about it and don't share it if you don't care for it. >(.i don't want to here people complain about a thing that they don't like. for example:"i hate ppl who like twilight it is so anoying it makes me want to wretch!and i wish that it would burn in hell!"see i don't want to listen to your complants. do you want to listen to people talk about it .No. so this is just curiosity to why ppl like and dislike it.now with all the awnsers to this question this is my response.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    i hate it, boring time of day. me and esme got crazy with the light

    i like it cos me and my family can go out without people seeing us


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  • 1 decade ago

    Honestly? I hate it because of the two main characters, Edward and Bella.

    I like to have something in common with my main characters, so I can relate to the story better and really get into it, and Bella is unrelatable and unrealistic. For a seventeen year old girl, she doesn't do anything normal girls would do and acts way too old for her age. Teenage girls make mistakes and have mood swings, neither of which Bella does.

    She paints a very anti-feminist picture and when she goes into a living coma when Edward leaves, it's disappointing that she can't live on her own without him. People who have had their one true loves actually DIE or also leave them can survive fine, but apparenly, she can't.

    Edward scares me. It's not romantic when someone watches another person in their sleep. He controls a lot of Bella's decisions, such as he'll only turn her into a vampire if she marries him. I hear very little of his personality and see even less- his only standout traits are picking at her for her danger magnet-ness, how he constantly tells her he's dangerous (it's her right to take the risk, though), and his looks, which seem to be the only thing Bella's concerned with.

    The other characters are a mix of stereotypical and thin, and when Renesmee came along, I couldn't stand her. I know she was a half-vampire, but the little girl was way too perfect. I recall the perfect term from my fanfiction days of what she is: Super Mary Sue. Just could not stand her.

    Source(s): A former Twilight fan who thought about things a little bit.
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  • ChrisP
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    1 decade ago

    I don't hate it. As a story and as writing, it is typical mass-market produce. There's nothing wrong with that. Anything that gets people reading is a good thing. What's really important about it is that it is a perfect study of giving readers what they want (a forbidden romance, a secret lifestyle, mostly independent teens whose parents are largely absent). There are also some clever bits of satire on the entire vampire genre that people have taken seriously.

    What turns me off is that it's a lackluster story that has gotten more attention than it deserves. It's not my genre, and I think the story could have been told with might deeper insight.

    Oh, it does drive me nuts that people call it a "saga." It is a series; it does not follow the lives of multiple generations of the same family and therefore is not a saga.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The littlest problem for me is how it's poorly written. For me the problems are the fans and what she did with vampires. I liked the idea of vampire in my mind, and there are certain things about vampires that should be kept. The only vampiric characteristic of Twilight's vampires that I can think of is that they drink blood. What happened to not being able to be in sunlight without draining their power or dying? What happened to garlic or the ability to transform into an animal (not just a bat, but Dracula was also able to turn into a dog, and a wolf)? It seemed like she didn't bother to learn about vampires at all.

    The fans are outrageous. They are so obsessed it becomes sickening. It is just a series of books and some movies. There's no need to freak out about the characters or declare their love for some abusive, fictional character. What happened to reading a book and moving on to the next one?

    Source(s): I hate twilight.
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  • 1 decade ago

    I think a lot of it is just backlash.

    So many people swear by it and say it's one of the best things ever written, but in reality it's not. The writing isn't all that great and sometimes the storyline is not consistent. For those who have read other vampiric tales, Twilight really doesn't hold a candle to a lot of them. However, people are deeming it one of the best and act like it was the first book ever written about vampires when it's not.

    I know someone mentioned intellectual snobbery and in a sense it is. But ultimately, I think it'd be nice for those die hard Twilight fans to open up their reading horizons and also read other things.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I don't hate Twilight as a piece of literature. While I think it's a poorly-written disaster of a novel, I can't stand the fans or the author. Twilight would have been just another book that was written by some bored housewife who can't write to save their life, but the fans are plain ridiculous. I'm not talking about the people who simply read the books and liked them -- I'm talking about these teenie-bopping, baby prostitutes that think Edward is a real person. Also, they tend to get very insulted by the fact that we don't like the book. It's just a book.

    The gushing enthusiasm of the inexperienced readers provokes a negative response in lots of people. Not to mention the fact that Stephenie Meyer is a complete idiot who encourages teenagers (and, I guess, people in general) to write without any skill or talent. She makes it seem "okay" to suck. Which, is very annoying when it comes to publishers and editors who keep receiving ridiculous amount of "vampire" or "teenage love" submissions.

    You can't really hate Twilight, since it's just a silly book. Like I said before, it's mostly the author and the fans.


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  • 1 decade ago

    Because of the fans.

    Well ... 'some' fans.

    They are just making the life harder.

    Like, if you like Twilight - i dont mind.

    But when someone is shoving it down my throat then im getting pissed.

    Other people just hate the whole story or just the fact that its been called a 'vampire story'. Which to my opinion it isnt. I just dont get the point why are some people obsessed with it (like 90% are 12year old girls who are in love with edward/robert whatever.) Like, you can not start a normal conversation with twilighter - say if im wrong but happened to me more then once.

    No offence to you if you like twilight - its just my opinion.

    Source(s): Life ...
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  • 1 decade ago

    Coming from personal experience…

    Some people just don’t like what they did with vampires. Some of us like the idea we had in our mind of what vampires were, and I assure you I never imagined they would ‘sparkle’. I personally found that rather--excuse my bluntness--stupid. Also, we hate clichés. The vampire/werewolf wars, being caught between two loves, meeting an appealing outcast—it’s all been done before. I tried reading the first book, but I found it to be rather boring, really.

    The reason really depends on the person, but those are just a few that me and my friends use as a defense when the twilight-fanatics come screaming and waving books towards us. Cheers!

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  • 1 decade ago

    because its very overrated and everyone talks about it..but im not one of them, i love twilight very much..maybe some of the part of is not realistic but i admire the good imagination of the author..

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  • A User
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    1 decade ago

    I call it being an intellectual snob. They hate Twilight because it makes them feel more intelligent not to like the same things as all the teenage girls.

    Honestly you can't "hate" Twilight, you can just not have any interest in it. There's really no point in hating it. You either like it or don't. End of the story.

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