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What to do in Kazakhstan / Kyrgyzstan?

Recently, I met a fantastic boy who was at awe about both the countries and gloated about being there and telling me about the fantastic countryside and the beautiful views.

What can anyone tell me about what else to do there apart from tour? Is there anywhere in particular that's absolutley gorgeous?

What are the people like? Would they cheat tourists? Tell me a little about this, if you can.

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    I am from Kazakhstan

    I have been to Kyrgyzstan too. Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan are amazing countries. They both have one of the best views in the world, not flooded with gazillions of tourists. you should definitely see Issik-Kol, in Kyrgystan, it is a lake located high-up in the mountains. in the summer, it is one of the best resorts in central asia. Also, u should definitely go skiing in Almaty, Chimbulak, it is pretty good. Also, there are many tours that explore variety of lakes, waterfalls, and valleys. There is even a campsite at the base of Han-Tengri, that is one of the highest summits in the world. Tourism is not quite developed. However, Kazakhstan is a moderately developed country, as in Almaty you can find many find restaurants, clubs, e.t.c. You should absolutely visit both Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, as when your friends will be bragging about how they went to Italy or France, you will proudly say that you have been to a country that they can't even pronounce.

    P.S Please don't relate Borat to Kazakhstan. That is such a silly movie

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    Kyrgyzstan is an amazing country indeed.Beautiful valleys, rivers, mountains, virgin nature espacially Osh and Jalalabad regions of Ferghana valley in Kyrgyzstan.It is worth visit prestigious universities there and get more information from their local english speaking students or even foreigner students.

    Medical faculty, Osh State University

    Jalalabad State University Kyrgyzstan

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    there are other, safer countries for tourists where you can experience amazing countryside views, like italy and france for example.

    good luck on your travels

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