stupid question but why is blond hair so common among people from lebanon syria turkey?

and other places that dont have that high percentage of blonds in childhood but then when theyre adults their hair usually darkens.. this can also be said from my observation for a lot of eastern and southern europeans... but for people from north western europe and scandanavia their hair usually stays blond? also i noticed that spaniards who are blond in childhood a lot of them remain blond till adulthood... this might be a generalization but im just wondering if theres a reason for it?

im from lebanon btw and a lot of kids have blond hair here but for many it darkens. like there are 3 people in my family who are adults and have blond hair but a whole lot more who were blond and kids... same goes for a lot of my friends

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    The ancestors of all modern native Europeans originally came out of the near and middle east. The last migrations were less than 10,000 years ago. People in these regions are caucasian as well,and carry many of the exact dna haplogroups as Europeans,or earlier prototypes . Blond hair is more prevalent in the north probably due to the isolation of the region meaning a smaller genepool. Blue eyes are a genetic mutation that occurred only about 10,000 years ago in ONE person who lived around the Black sea and has spread from there; again small populations who were closely related caused it to spread.

    I myself (Irish/English) had red-blond hair till age 3 and then it turned dark brown; several other dark-haired British & Irish friends were also blond as kids but their hair turned MUCH darker later (one nearly black.). Interestingly,as well, my dna type, T2, which is found at about 9% across Europe, is also found quite often in your homeland,Lebanon.

    *Mermaid, no 'Spanish men' raped Irish women. If you're referring to the Armada, probably less than 100 men even made it to ireland,and many were killed by the frightened locals. Such an event even if it happened could not possibly account for dark hair in almost 50% of the population! There is an ancient connection between Ireland & Spain, but it's over 6000 years old!

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    A lot of people have lighter hair as children all over the world just like a lot of blacks or biracial children are a bit lighter before the age of 2 or 3. Don't know why. I do know that a lot of peple who are blond in the southern Europe are not really pure blond if you know what I mean. It's more of a light, sandy brown color than like my hair color.

  • Yeah my hair was light brown while growing up and now its dark brown.......weird.

    Although Lebanese people have always been light skinned and blonde.

    Here is an interesting video I found about the Torah's description of these non-Arab Semitic races.

    Youtube thumbnail

    It has some descriptions of Lebanese and Syrian people along with the Israelites.

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    I know that many Berbers of southern mediterranea are blonde-haired and blue eyed , which is not very common in the whole arab world...

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    You won't like my answer. Men from different countries, when traveling through new countries, raped women and diluted the gene pool. A case in point, is Ethiopia. The Italians swept through that country and the people have beautiful features and very nice skin and teeth. In Ireland, the Spaniards raped the mousie-browned hair and fair red heads. There are many Black Irish who have black or dark hair with very fair skin.

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