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Pretty sure I need to get rid of these reloads?

I have know idea where they came from, but I have around 50 rounds of 30-06 labeled 30-06 CCC. What I noticed first was the angle was very wrong, book says 17"30' for the angle, but these are almost 90 degrees. The max cartridge lenght is .012" under the max, and the max case length is .030" under the max. Is this some kind of a wildcat, or just some dumba$$? What do you do when you find reloads like this, do you take the time to pull the bullet and burn off the powder, then throw them away, or do you just throw them away?


All the diameters are right, sorry for leaving that out

Update 2:

Never thought about turning them into the Sheriffe department, but when it comes to reloades, trust nobody, and assume nothing. Thank you for all the good info

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    Please do NOT throw them away, disassemble them, or hand them in! List them on GunBroker or AuctionArms. They will be worth something to a collector. I'd take 'em myself but shipping would be a *****. Have a look here

    Here's a translation of the municion sight

    Looks like they ARE Weatherby's

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    .30-06 CCC stands for Controlled Combustion Chamberage, and was a wildcat developed by none other than Roy Weatherby. Details are sketchy on the net, but I did find a Spanish page that listed some info. Unfortunately you will have to translate.

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    To pull the bullet, get the RCBS Kinetic bullet puller available at your favorite reloading supplier. Insert a cartridge and couple of hits will remove the bullet and the powder. Dump all the powder in a disposable cup and pour water on it.

    To deactivate a primer inserted in a cartridge case, once you have the bullet and powder removed, fill the case with WD40 and let it sit for about an hour. The WD40 is a solvent and make the primer useless. You can then throw the brass away

    Source(s): 1000 yard competition shooter 15 years reloading retired ffl importer
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    It is a wildcat rd. If you reload save the bullets if you have a bullet puller? There are pullers availible on line from $17 to the $100 collet pullers. The RCBS kinectic puller is the cheapest for the money, like a hammer. Insert the rd and strike on hard surface. Removes the bullet, saves the powder and the case. Most of the weatherby rds use the 90' degree shoulder. Since it has no belt it's not one of these. So it's a wildcat. Whats the bullet dia?

    Source(s): 30+ years experience
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    Trust Nobody with Reloads! Find you a good brand name. But here's the thing to look for. You need to look for the 'Batch #' , when you open a box of shells whether they are Federals, Winchesters, Remingtons, etc.. you will find a batch # under the lid or somewhere inside the box. Make sure when buying your rounds or more than one box that the batch # matches. I do this when sighting in a weapon, this way I know all the rounds that I shoot came from the same Batch. Not too many people know of this. I've never had a problem with centerfire rounds. Rimfire rounds such as .22's are a different story, you'll always have one or two miss fire. With my experience, I've had too many problems with reloads and I own more than 200 guns, anything from Rifles to Pistols and have shot them all. My Ruger Black Hawk .44 mag reloads made me change my mind. I used to love reloads until I found out about the 'Batch #'s on name brand rounds. Any Police Station will take your rounds from you and destroy them at a later date. Good Luck!

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    If you have the equipment just pull the bullet out dump & burn the powder. Seeing as you don't know what type the powder is it's not worth taking a chance on. You can destroy the casing by crushing the side of the casing. Be sure to remove the primer first though, if you can with the right equip. Don't try to jerry rig something to remove the dangerous.

    If you don't have the equipment then yea turn it in to the police.

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    It might be someone was playing with an Ackley Improved 30-06 type set-up, but even with component costs what they are I wouldn't bother with pulling them. You have no idea what the powder is, the brass is toast and the bullets might not be anything you can use effectively for anything else. Tahoeguy has the right idea, let the sheriff office dispose of them, not worth your time.

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    If you want to get rid of them send me your address and the size of the box (Heigthxwidthxdepth). I will send you a prepaid UPS shipping label addressed to me. You can just paste on the label and drop it off at a UPS office! My email is

    I don't have any idea what they are worth, and would recommend you auction them, but if you just want to get rid of them, here is an option!

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    The police dept/ sheriff will accept them in many places. If not all the time, many have an 'amnesty' day, week, etc for unwanted guns and ammo.

    I am always uncomfortable prying off the bullet and dumping the powder out.

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    Your cartridges are pretty rare wildcats and have collector value .I suggest you to put them up for auction ( for example through auctionarms or gunbroker) and not to unload them if possible

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