Sting & 其他不錯的歌

請問Sting有哪些 歌or歌詞 不錯呢??

那,還有哪些歌手的 歌or歌詞 是不錯的?



如果還有歌的 理念或想法 更好=)

先說thank you啦ˇ

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    1982 "Spread a Little Happiness"

    1985 "If You Love Somebody Set Them Free"

    1985 "Love Is the Seventh Wave"

    1985 "Fortress Around Your Heart"

    1985 "Russians"

    1986 "Moon Over Bourbon Street"

    1987 "We'll Be Together"

    1988 "Englishman in New York"

    1988 "Be Still My Beating Heart"

    1988 "Fragile"

    1988 "They Dance Alone (Cueca Solo)"

    1990 "Englishman In New York"

    1991 "All This Time"

    1991 "Mad About You"

    1991 "The Soul Cages"

    1992 "It's Probably Me" (with Eric Clapton)

    1993 "If I Ever Lose My Faith In You"

    1993 "Seven Days"

    1993 "Fields Of Gold"

    1993 "Shape Of My Heart"

    1993 "Demolition Man"

    1994 "All For Love"(with Bryan Adams and Rod Stewart)

    1994 "Nothing 'Bout Me" ("Epilogue")

    1994 "When We Dance"

    1995 "This Cowboy Song"

    1996 "Spirits in the Material World" (with Pato Banton)

    1996 "Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot

    1996 "You Still Touch Me"

    1996 "I Was Brought to My Senses"

    1996 "I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Crying" (Ft Toby Keith)

    1996 "On Silent Wings" (Tina Turner Ft Sting)

    1997 "Roxanne '97"

    1999 "Brand New Day" ("A Thousand Years")

    2000 "Desert Rose" (Ft Cheb Mami)

    2000 "After the Rain Has Fallen"

    2003 "Rise & Fall" (Craig David ft. Sting)

    2003 "Send Your Love"

    2003 "Whenever I Say Your Name" (with Mary J. Blige)

    2004 "Stolen Car (Take Me Dancing)"

    2005 "Taking the Inside Rail"

    2006 "Always on Your Side" (with Sheryl Crow)

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