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The Titans 希臘神話故事,一篇文章翻譯!

The Titans 希臘神話故事,一篇文章翻譯!


Zeus discovered later that Prometheus had secretly entered Olympus, with Athene’s guidance, and stolen a glowing coal from Hestia’s hearth, so that the mortals created by him could now cook their meat, instead of eating it raw.

Prometheus hid the coal in the pith of a huge fennel stalk, and carried it safely down to earth, still alight. To punish him for giving mortals this first start towards civilization, Zeus hit on a clever plan. He created a beautiful, foolish, disobedient woman whom he named Pandora, and sent her to Epimetheus as a present.

When Epimetheus wanted to marry Pandora, Prometheus warned him: This is a trick of Zeus’s. Be wise and send her back. So Epimetheus said to Hermes, who had brought Pandora: Please thank Zeus very much for his kindness, but tell him that I am unworthy of such a beautiful gift and must refuse it.

Angrier than ever, Zeus pretended that Prometheus had visited Heaven in an attempt to steal away Athene. He chained Prometheus to a rock in the Caucasus Mountains, where a vulture sat and gnawed at him all day.

Meanwhile Epimetheus, frightened by Prometheus’s punishment, married Pandora. One day Pandora found a sealed jar at the back of a cupboard.

It was the jar which Prometheus had asked Epimetheus to keep safely hidden and on no account to open. Though Epimetheus ordered Pandora to leave it alone, she broke the seal—as Zeus intended her to do. Out came a swarm of nasty winged things called Old Age, Sickness, Insanity, Spite, Passion, Vice, Plague, Famine, and so forth. These stung Pandora and Epimetheus most viciously, afterwards going on to attack Prometheus’s mortals ( who had until then lived happy, decent lives ) and spoil everything for them. However, a bright-winged creature called Hope flew out of the jar last of all, and kept mortals from killing themselves in utter despair.

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