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Trade Steve Smith (NYG) and John Carlson for Dallas Clark and Terrell Owens?

I am solid at WR and it seems like Smith is gonna start losing looks to Manningham and Nicks for the rest of the season. I'd still have 3 solid WR and can pick up 2 WR out of Lance Moore, Hakeem Nicks, and/or Donnie Avery off of waivers as well and drop sproles (no real value the last 2 games) and eddie royal (orton spreads the ball around a lot and royal had no catches last game).

Here is my team

QB - Jay Cutler

WR - Reggie Wayne, Steve Smith (NYG), Mike Sims-Walker, Roddy White, Eddie Royal

RB - Steven Slaton, Kevin Smith, Donald Brown, Ray Rice, Darren Sproles, Jamal Lewis

TE - John Carlson

K - John Carney

DEF - Philadelphia

If not, what should I offer. I'd really like Clark if they guy will give him up.

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    Thats an ok trade Clark is amazing, but Owens sucks. Carlson is ok, but clark is in another league from the rest of the TEs. I don't think you should trade Smith yet, He was matched up against nnamdi asomugha (best Corner in the NFL) 2 weeks ago and still got 7. And he didn't do terrible in a game that the giants were crushed in.

    I say no trade. You really need a running back more than anything else, even though you have good depth there.

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    Once I saw TO in the picture, I say no. Terrell Owens is terrible because he's very unhappy with his new team. I don't see him bouncing back to the player he used to be. He needs time to build chemistry and rapport with his teammates, and that will take the whole season for that to happen.

    Dallas Clark would be a good pickup for you, but you're only getting 1 player for 2. You should definitely think this through, keep in mind, Steve Smith has been excellent for the Giants, and has emerged into Eli Manning's top threat. Don't let Hakeem Nicks & Mario Manningham's performance from the past 2 weeks fool you, it won't be on a consistent basis.

    Hope this was helpful & good luck!


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    Dallas Clark is a great Tight End. Maybe top in the league, but Steve Smith is a great wide out, especially in a PPR league. TO isn't going anywhere, i doubt that he'll have more than one 20 point game. If you want a tight end, I would reccomend you try to trade Carlson and a RB to get a better one, some good ones are Gates (SD), Miller (PIT), and Clark (IND). Jason Witten (DAL) is a good one too.

    If i were offered this trade, and i do have Steve Smith on my team, I would decline, just to keep Smith. I think he will have a break through year and become a star.

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    Steve Smith is there best receiver and Owens is Blowins (although i think he will be gettign traded. Nicks is still too young to perform at high levels consistently and his large gains are usually done out of the scren (I have watched EVERY NYG game).

    The giants schedule gets real tough here on out and that is your only reason to bail on smith but don't worry about mario and nicks. Manningham drops A LOT of balls too. Eli loves smith. he'll be back at him. Looks liek you have a great team. don't mess wit hit. get rid osf sims or royal if u can.

    Source(s): nyg fan and ffl winner 3 times
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    I don't see how this could be vetoed, but in my opinion your giving up a lot for essentially Fitz. Fitz is on a star studded team, with an aging QB. He is a very good WR, but Smith has shown to be the number one in NY and a number in the NFL as far as receivers go. Clark is a good TE but it depends on your current TE situation. Overall, I think your giving up too much for not enough in return. Smith will continue to be a force in the league and his routes have proven that he can take on any DB in the league. That combined with the year Eli is having, I recommend keeping what you have and trying other options.

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    Thats a tough discision, but I think I would go for it. Smith is hot but your all ready deep at WR. T.O. sucks but i guess he could get a couple nice games. So i say go for it.

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